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Programs are the specific actions, research areas, or regulatory responsibilities of the California Air Resources Board.

Programs are how the Board works to protect public health by improving and protecting air quality. Programs support all aspects of the work of the CARB, from research and measurements, to policy implementation and regulation enforcement.

Advanced Clean FleetsN/A On-Road Heavy-Duty VehiclesN/A
Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment ProgramN/A Incentives, Agriculture, Transit, Freight & Goods MovementMobile Source Control Division
Carl Moyer Program: LocomotivesN/A N/A Mobile Source Control Division
Carl Moyer Program: State Reserve N/A Incentives, Construction & Earthmoving Equipment, AgricultureMobile Source Control Division
Clean Off-Road Equipment Voucher Incentive ProjectN/A Freight & Goods MovementMobile Source Control Division
Fleet Rule for Public Agencies and UtilitiesN/A N/A Mobile Source Control Division
Greenhouse Gas Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engines and VehiclesN/A Climate Change, Transit, Air PollutionN/A
Heavy-Duty Hybrid Electric Vehicle Certification ProceduresN/A Air PollutionN/A
Idle Reduction Technologies for Sleeper Berth TrucksN/A Air Pollution, Cars & TrucksMobile Source Control Division
OBD - On-Board Diagnostic ProgramN/A Cars & TrucksEmissions Certification and Compliance Division
On-Road Heavy-Duty Voucher Incentive ProgramN/A Air PollutionMobile Source Control Division
Reducing Rail Emissions in CaliforniaN/A Freight & Goods Movement, Trains & RailyardsTransportation and Toxics Division
Solid Waste Collection Vehicle RegulationN/A On-Road Heavy-Duty VehiclesMobile Source Control Division
Truck and Bus Surveillance ProgramN/A Air PollutionMobile Source Laboratory Division
Vehicle Emissions Research ProgramN/A Research, Cars & TrucksResearch Division
Zero-Emission ForkliftsN/A Freight & Goods Movement, Industry & ManufacturingMobile Source Control Division
Zero-Emission Powertrain CertificationN/A Aircraft & Airports, Incentives, Freight & Goods MovementMobile Source Control Division
Zero-Emission Vehicle FleetN/A Clean Cars, Cars & TrucksN/A