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Programs are the specific actions, research areas, or regulatory responsibilities of the California Air Resources Board.

Programs are how the Board works to protect public health by improving and protecting air quality. Programs support all aspects of the work of the CARB, from research and measurements, to policy implementation and regulation enforcement.

Air Toxics ProgramN/A Airborne Toxics, Consumer ProductsTransportation and Toxics Division
Carl Moyer Program: LocomotivesN/A N/A Mobile Source Control Division
Community Air Protection IncentivesN/A Environmental Justice, IncentivesMobile Source Control Division
Community Air Protection Program N/A Environmental JusticeOffice of Community Air Protection
Community HealthN/A HealthResearch Division
Community SolutionsN/A N/A Office of Community Air Protection
People at RiskN/A Health, Environmental Justice, Indoor Air Quality & Exposure, Sustainable CommunitiesResearch Division
Zero-Emission Airport Ground Support EquipmentN/A Aircraft & AirportsMobile Source Control Division
Zero-Emission Airport ShuttleN/A Aircraft & Airports, Transit, Air PollutionMobile Source Control Division
Zero-Emission ForkliftsN/A Freight & Goods Movement, Industry & ManufacturingMobile Source Control Division
Zero-Emission Powertrain CertificationN/A Aircraft & Airports, Incentives, Freight & Goods MovementMobile Source Control Division