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On-Road Heavy-Duty Funding Opportunities

Funding programs are a key part of California's efforts to ensure cleaner trucks and buses are operating in our neighborhoods. Incentives and loan assistance help drive the development of new, cleaner technologies and, by speeding up their sale and adoption, help clean up the air.

Advanced Vehicle Technology and Infrastructure Funding Finder Tool

The Funding Finder Tool assists stakeholders in their search for medium- and heavy-duty alternative fuel vehicle and infrastructure funding programs and allows users to filter options based on their ZIP code and other criteria. 

Truck Loan Program

The Truck Loan Assistance Program helps small-business fleet owners affected by California Air Resources Board's In-Use Truck and Bus Regulation to secure financing for upgrading their fleets with newer vehicles.

Hybrid & Zero-Emission Truck & Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP)

HVIP is a statewide program that provides vouchers to help offset the incremental cost of eligible hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell, or battery-electric trucks and buses. 

Carl Moyer Program

The Carl Moyer Program provides funding for cleaner-than-required engines and equipment. Grant amounts vary depending on the project type.

Low Carbon Fuel Standard

The Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program was established to reduce the carbon intensity of transportation fuel used in California. Participants generate credits through fuel pathways, projects, and capacity‐based crediting.

AB 617 - Community Air Protection Funds

Community Air Protection Funds are available to support early action emissions reductions in communities most affected by air pollution.

Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust

The Volkswagen (VW) Environmental Mitigation Trust provides funding primarily for "scrap and replace" projects for the heavy-duty sector, including freight trucks, transit, shuttle, school buses, and other freight vehicles and equipment.

School Bus Funding Programs

Several incentive options are available in addition to the programs listed above that help to ensure clean school buses are operating at our schools and in our neighborhoods. Funding programs are either provided to local air districts to administer or through direct, state-run programs.