Community Air Grants

AB 617 seeks to ensure that all Californians benefit equitably from our State's air quality and climate efforts, especially those who live in the areas of California most severely impacted by air pollution.

Included in AB 617 is a provision for grants to community-based organizations for technical assistance and to support their efforts in this process.  CARB has been charged with administering these grants.

In order to meet the intent of the Legislature, and in order to continue to build the capacity of California communities to participate in developing and implementing AB 617 programs, CARB created the Community Air Grants Program (Air Grants Program).  The Air Grants Program aim is to provide support for community-based organizations to participate in the AB 617 process, and to build capacity to become active partners with government to identify, evaluate, and ultimately reduce air pollution and exposure to harmful emissions in their communities.

Examples of what Community Air Grants are being used to fund includes, but is not limited to:

  • Community engagement and outreach related to AB 617
  • Hiring consultants and/or technical experts
  • Travel and logistical support for hosting and/or attending meetings related to AB 617 (i.e., room rental, meeting facilitation, transportation)
  • Support for community operated air monitoring
  • Data collection and analysis, including community based participatory research projects

2022 Community Air Grants Request for Applications

UPDATE: The Extended Application period is closed, applications were due April 24, 2023.

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