HD Warranty 2018

This page last reviewed June 18, 2019

Proposed Amendments to California Emission Control System Warranty Regulations and Maintenance Provisions for 2022 and Subsequent Model Year On-Road Heavy- Duty Diesel Vehicles with Gross Vehicle weight Ratings Greater Than 14,000 Pounds and Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines in such Vehicles.

Hearing Date(s)
Public Comments Received
Final Approval / OAL Action

OAL approved the rulemaking and filed with Secretary of State on June 12, 2019. The effective date is October 1, 2019.

Adopted Regulations and Materials Submitted to OAL

The Final Rulemaking package was submitted to OAL on May 1, 2019.  OAL will have until June 13, 2019, to make a final determination.

Final Regulation Order  (See Revised Above)
Final Statement of Reasons  (See Revised Above)