Truck and Bus Regulation Reporting (TRUCRS)

If you do not remember your password and/or the email address used when the original reporting account was created for your company, or the email address used when the account was created has changed you will need to fill out form 157 to update the email address and/or password associated with the account. You may also use this formto close your reporting account. 

Truck and Bus Reporting Documents:

Solid Waste Collection Vehicle (and Heavy Crane) Reporting Documents:

Reporting for Larger Fleets

To expedite the reporting for 20 or more vehicles you may use the large fleet upload tool (below). You may use the spreadsheet to add, remove, and update vehicle(s). Send the completed spreadsheet to for upload. If the updated spreadsheet is not submitted to that email address, the changes will not be reflected in the reporting account. Submissions from fleets with less than 20 vehicles on the spreadsheet will be returned unprocessed. You must use the TRUCRS system (or paper forms) to report if you are adding, updating or removing less than 20 vehicles.

Note: Flexibility options cannot be selected or updated with the large fleet upload tool. After TRUCRS Staff upload the spreadsheet on your behalf you will need to manually edit the vehicles flexibility option from the vehicle list tab in the reporting account for each vehicle reported.

Large Fleet Upload (version T19.04)

Fleet Calculator (No Longer Available)

As of December 31, 2018, the results from all versions of the previously available fleet calculator will not accurately reflect the fleet’s compliance with the Truck and Bus regulation. The Fleet Calculator was an Excel spreadsheet created to assist fleet owners in evaluating various compliance strategies to comply with the Truck and Bus regulation. Since the majority of the flexibility options have expired, the Fleet Calculator tool is longer be updated or maintained.

TRUCRS Reporting

Available for vehicle owners to report fleet, vehicle and engine information by emission reduction regulations.