Diversity and Racial Equity Task Force

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) recognizes that each employee’s unique experiences, perspectives, and viewpoints add value to CARB’s ability to create and deliver the best possible service and technical assistance to our employees and stakeholders. Given that our individual social, economic, and cultural identities shape and influence our experiences and perspectives, CARB recognizes that the organization does its best work by ensuring diversity in our workforce across the various dimensions of social, cultural, and racial identity and by practicing inclusivity in how we work with one another.


CARB's Diversity and Racial Equity Task Force strives to address, explore, educate, learn about, and respond to the diversity and inclusion needed to be an organization that serves all Californians.

Task Force

The DaRE Task Force is comprised of 21 staff from across the organization plus the two co-chairs. The members represent racial, geographic, gender, age, classification, and other factors of diversity within the organization.