California Clean Air Centers

Clean Air Centers provide a safe place for Californians to go during periods of intense wildfire smoke or poor air quality. This map, created in collaboration with local air quality control districts, provides information about the location and services offered at Clean Air Centers in local communities.

Important Information

There are generally two types of Clean Air Centers:

  • Permanent: These facilities provide filtered air at all times during normal operating hours.
  • Temporary: These facilities provide a dedicated space with filtered air to the public, but only when there is an air quality emergency, including intense wildfire smoke. Some temporary Clean Air Centers will only appear on the map when they are activated and open to the public.

A website and/or phone number is provided for each Clean Air Center so users can check with local facilities to see if they are activated and open to the public.

The map will be updated with additional Clean Air Centers regularly, when new information becomes available.

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