CARB Payment Options

CARB has a new payment portal that will allow payment by debit or credit card.  

The vendor for the payment system FiServe (First Data) charges a convenience fee of 2.99% for each transaction amount. CARB does not receive revenue from this service fee. There are no major changes from the current or existing credit card payment functionality.

Other Forms of Payment*

Wire Transfer/EFT/ACH

When you pay by wire transfer and EFT/ACH your financial institution debits your account and credits the state's bank account. You initiate this payment method with your bank who may charge you transaction fees for each wire transfer or EFT/ACH transaction.

Your bank will require:

  • Reference or invoice number
  • CARB or State Treasurer's bank account and routing number

 CARB Bank Account and Routing Number details: Wire transfer or electronic funds transfer (EFT/ACH)

Payment by Check, Money Order or Cashier Check

When paying by check, money order, or cashier check, write the CARB reference or invoice number on your payment. Make the payment payable to the California Air Resources Board and mail your payment and supporting documents to:

California Air Resources Board
Attn: Accounting, RM 20-25
P.O. Box 1436
Sacramento, CA 95812-1436

For FedEx and UPS deliveries:

California Air Resources Board
Attn: Accounting
1001 I Street, RM 20-25
Sacramento, CA 95814

W-9 Information

To request a W-9, contact Accounts Receivable. Our tax ID is 68-0288069


Contact Accounts Receivable if you have any questions or need further assistance.