Documentation of California's 2000-2021 GHG Inventory

This index is based on the inventory categories defined in 2006 by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Each of the documentation pages features the following items:

  • The date on which the page was last updated.
  • The identification of the estimate: its IPCC category of emission and removal, economic sector classification, the greenhouse gas estimated and the year of the estimate The estimated amount of emission or removal (both the mass of gas and its CO2 equivalent), the units it is expressed in, the basis of the estimate (the algebraic formula or the name of the mathematical model), and the reference for the origin of the model or formula.
  • The amount of activity that resulted in the GHG emission or removal (if applicable), the basis of the amount (data point, compilation of statistics, result from a calculation, mathematical model) and the reference for the source of the amount. In the case where the amount of activity is itself the result of a calculation, the formula and its source are given. The parameters and constants used in the calculation of the GHG estimate and/or the amount of activity. The value and units of these parameters and constants and the reference for their source is also listed.
  • The calculated amount of greenhouse gas emitted per unit of activity.

Note: CO2 equivalent emissions are calculated using Global Warming Potential values from the Fourth Assessment Report of the IPCC.