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Jackie Garcia
350 Contra Costa
AB 1075

350 Contra Costa comments on SB 1075 

​​a) Use only hydrogen that's produced by 100% clean renewable energy (not nuclear, not biowaste, not biomethane, etc.).

b) Don't mix hydrogen with fossil fuels. No blending.

c) Use hydrogen only for applications where electricity is not practical.

  •        350 Contra Costa supports “green hydrogen” produced from water via electrolysis using renewable energy and in accordance with three critical production/deployment principles termed the “3 pillars.” (new, clean energy supply, hourly matching and deliverability.)  
  •         We believe hydrogen should only be used for very hard to electrify industries such as cement, steel, refining, and possibly long-haul trucking and maritime shipping. It is not an efficient substitute for most other forms of transportation, including local trucking, or for electricity production or storage.

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Jackie Garcia Mann

Lafayette, California 

For 350 Contra Costa