laboratory research

Strong science is at the foundation of California’s air quality and climate programs. The California Air Resources Board sponsors a comprehensive research program that investigates air pollution’s causes, effects and solutions. The findings of this research support all the regulations on cars, trucks, fuels, power plants, and other pollution sources. The research, which results in five additional dollars for each dollar CARB invests, is done under the guidance of CARB’s Research Screening Committee and in partnership with the campuses of the University of California system and other research institutions.

Now accepting public comments and concepts

The CARB Research Program is now accepting research comments and concepts to be considered for fiscal year 2024-2025. Comments and concepts are due by July 31, 2023. Visit the Research Comment Portal for more information on the survey, most timely priorities and how CARB prioritizes comments and concepts to turn them into research projects.


Research Division
Research Division