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Joshua Kehoe
$CLMT shareholder
Application No. B0528

Thank you to CARB for providing this forum for public comments. Thank you to Calumet for your submission.

TL/DR, I see no reason for Calumet to ship their fuels to California. I appreciate the effort involved in submitting necessary documentation to CARB. My assumption is that the Canadian, Washington, and Oregon markets present better opportunities for Calumet's trading desk than dealing with the hassles and costs involved with shipping to California by rail. EPA sandbagged biobased diesel/D4 RVOs, so thank you to Canada, and British Columbia in particular for being the vanguard, for providing an offtake market for over-supplied US BBD. Kudos to Calumet for their efforts and flexibility regarding feedstock as well as product mix between RD and SAF. It's impossible to forecast which biofuel will be in favor going forward, but if forced to choose, I would go with SAF.

Best Regards,
Joshua Kehoe MD

PS - Your Q4 earnings call was excellent. Thank you for providing so much color and also being willing to expand on Manav Gupta's open-ended macro forecast question.