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Gordon Beebe
Application No. B0528 public comment


Any time fuel is being transported by rail, I become concerned, due to many accidents which have occurred in the past, affecting both civilians and wildlife. Though all of the sources of fuel in this proposal are plant or animal-based (better than using fossil fuels), the refined fuel is still highly dangerous and flammable.

Some questions immediately come to mind:

What is the condition of the rail line from Montana to California? How often is it inspected?

What are the working hours of railroad engineers? Do they get adequate breaks, or do they work overtime on stretches of the route?

Is each train car inspected very carefully before being filled with fuel?

How much train traffic is expected on this route? Will it be daily, weekly, monthly?

What populated areas does the rail line pass through to get to its destination in California? How close does the track come to peoples' houses?

Thank you for considering my questions,

Gordon Beebe