trucks at enforcement stop


The recently released Enforcement Data Visualization System is an interactive mapping tool that visualizes CARB's Enforcement activities throughout California, including field inspections and case settlements. 

Historically, CARB releases an annual enforcement report that highlights our enforcement efforts across the state including in disadvantaged communities, summarizes recently closed cases, assess compliance status in several programs, and provides detailed statistics about enforcement related program activities. Starting in 2022, CARB is now sharing this information through the Enforcement Data Portal, which includes both detailed statistics on CARB’s Enforcement activities and showcases highlighting notable enforcement efforts. The data portal is available at this link.

Effective enforcement of our regulations is a key element of California’s success in reducing air pollution and fighting climate change. Fair and consistent enforcement also provides a level-playing field for all regulated businesses, ensuring no one has an unfair advantage by not doing their part to help clear the air.

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