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Joshua Kehoe
CA resident
Application No. B0504

Dear CARB personnel,

This is my second submission because I do not see my first comments published, so I assume I did something wrong.

To reiterate my longer comment sent yesterday, book-and-claim accounting is an underhanded tax on California residents. While I support avoided methane emissions and use of captured methane as an energy source, I do not feel non-deliverable methane has any place in California's LCFS program. This is because LCFS costs to deficit-generating fuels are passed along to California consumers in the form of higher gasoline and diesel costs. This potentially will expand to increased jet fuel costs if proposed CARB modifications to the LCSF program including intrastate jet fuel are included.

As a California resident, paying higher prices for any and all products where transportation fuel costs are passed along to the end consumer, I have no desire to support non-CA entities. This is not out of any sense of spite but rather a reflection that I expect that any increased prices that I pay will potentially have some benefit to my community. This benefit could be reduced local emissions, or perhaps support for local businesses and their employees. While I wish the New York dairies involved in this pathway the greatest of success, I suggest they lobby their own state lawmakers and push for a state-based LCFS for New York. Or better yet, push for a national LCFS program that would recognize the very real and beneficial steps they are taking to reduce methane emissions inherent in their business. To reiterate though, I as a California resident am not willing to support/subsidize such measures from an entity across the entire country from me until I am assured that all in-state entities have been fully supported.

Josh Kehoe MD