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Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas Regulation
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Regulation Basics

The Regulation applies to:

Owners of 53-foot or longer box-type trailers including both dry-van and refrigerated-van trailers, and owners of the heavy-duty tractors that pull them on California highways.

The Regulation does not apply to:

  • Trailers less than 53 feet
  • Drayage tractors and trailers that operate within a 100 mile radius of a port or intermodal rail yard.
  • Curtain side vans
  • Solid waste vehicles
  • Drop frame vans
  • Container chassis

Regulation Requirements

  • All tractors and trailers are required to have low-rolling resistance tires (LRRTs) as of January 1, 2017.

  • Sleeper-cab tractors and trailer: Aerodynamic devices are currently required on all 2010 vehicle model year or newer.

  • All other tractors and trailers: Aerodynamic devices are currently required on all 2010 vehicle model year or older, unless you have already reported in TRUCRS and are using exemptions as specified in Title 17 CCR § 95305 of the Regulation.

Compliance Exemptions

Five-Day Pass

Trailer-Relocation Pass:
A Trailer Relocation Pass is needed to move a local-haul or storage trailer that does not meet the requirements of the Tractor-Trailer GHG Regulation more than 100 miles from its normal base of operations while loaded with freight. You can apply for this on-line through TRUCRS

Transfer of Ownership Pass:
A Trailer Transfer of Ownership Pass is needed to move a loaded 53-foot trailer in California if it does not have the required aerodynamic equipment and low rolling resistance tires required by California’s Tractor-Trailer GHG regulation. Each pass is good for up to five days. Trailer Transfer of Ownership Passes can only be used for travel when delivering a trailer from a current owner (transferor) to a future owner (transferee). You can apply for this pass on-line through TRUCRS.

Reporting Tools

Fleet owners must register their trailers if they are using the short-haul, local-haul or storage trailer exemptions.

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