Funding for Individuals & Families

The following programs are available to consumers interested in exploring clean transportation technology and clean vehicle purchasing. Many of these opportunities offer benefits to lower-income consumers that live in disadvantaged communities. Clean transportation also provides many health and environmental related benefits.

Clean Vehicle Ownership Incentives

Car Scrap & Replace Program

Clean Cars 4 All

Get up to $9,500 to scrap your older, more polluting vehicle with a cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicle for California residents living in participating air districts. Vehicle purchase incentives and free charger & installation opportunities available!

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Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP)

Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP)

Get up to $7,500 to purchase or lease a new plug-in hybrid, battery electric, or fuel cell electric vehicle. CVRP is available to income-eligible California residents. Increased rebates for low-income applicants available!

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Financing Assistance for Bay Area Residents

Finance Assistance for Low-Income Consumers

Clean Vehicle Assistance helps California lower-income consumers access loans to purchase or lease cleaner vehicles, including plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles, at a reduced price. Up to $7,500 down payment assistance, special financing, and free vehicle charger & installation opportunities available!

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Regional Clean Mobility Projects

Car Sharing & Mobility Options

Our Community CarShare Sacramento

  • A free or subsidized membership transportation service located in disadvantaged communities throughout the City of Sacramento.
  • Residents at each carshare community can reserve clean zero emission vehicles for up to three hours to run errands, get to appointments, and take local trips.
  • Transit Incentive Cards are available for non-driving members to access ride hailing services and public transportation.
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Car Sharing & Mobility Options

BlueLA powered by Blink Mobility Carsharing

  • An affordable carsharing service that provides members with electric vehicles (EVs) for everyday needs in Los Angeles.
  • Members have access to a network of shared EVs all day, every day to pick up groceries, get to appointments, or transport the kids to practice.
  • EVs can be picked up and dropped off at 40 locations around LA, providing all the convenience of owning a car but without the insurance, maintenance, and gas costs.
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Car Sharing & Mobility Options

Ecosystem of Shared Mobility in the San Joaquin Valley

This project includes several mobility services (below) for priority populations within five rural communities where transit is costly and limited.

  • MioCar is an affordable all electric carsharing service with 27 EVs and is available in 8 affordable housing complexes in rural Tulare and Kern counties.
  • The VAMOS Mobility app allows residents to efficiently plan trips within and between San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties. The app also connects residents to MioCar reservations, EV ride-hailing (VOGO), bike routes, bus routes, and in-app payment options for transit fares.
  • VOGO (Volunteer Ride-hailing) offers free rides to non-driving and other residents that live in rural areas outside of public transit.

Car Sharing & Mobility Options

Lift Line Paratransit Dial-a-Ride Electric Vehicle Transportation Program in the Central Coast

  • Lift Line is the first public transportation entity to use all-electric paratransit vehicles (two 16-seat and one 14-seat electric vehicle shuttles equipped with wheelchair lifts).
  • The shuttles are charged at stations located at the Lift Line fleet facility and are also accessible to the public.
  • The service offers free rides to low-income elderly and disabled passengers in need of door-to-door transportation to medical appointments, meal sites, and other locations.
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