Toxic Air Contaminant Fact Sheets

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Toxic Air Contaminant Fact Sheets




The fact sheets available are individual summaries of general exposure and health effects information for the 243 substances included on the Air Resources Board's (ARB) Toxic Air Contaminant Identification List as part of the State of California's air toxics program Assembly Bill (AB) 1807. These summaries provide information on the physical properties, sources and emissions, ambient concentrations, indoor sources and concentrations, atmospheric persistence, Air Toxics "Hot Spots" (AB 2588) risk assessment information, and potential health effects. Where available, California-specific information is included. The summaries do not revise California Environmental Protection Agency judgements or policies about the potential for these air pollutants to harm public health. Readers are cautioned that the fact sheets may be revised as additional data become available.

We have built a Compound Summary Table HTML Format - 140K which serves as a snapshot or quick overview of the fact sheets. If you would like a printout of this summary table, we suggest you download either the original Quattro Pro 7 - 76K version of this spreadsheet or the PDF - 104K file format.

For more information about the fact sheets, please click on the Introduction also found in the About the Toxic Air Contaminant Fact Sheets section below. If you have any questions pertaining to the fact sheets, the air toxics program, or if you would like to order a compact disk containing all of the fact sheet information, please call the ARB Air Quality Measures Branch at (916) 445-6318.

Lists of Toxic Air Contaminant Fact Sheets

For our user's convenience, the available fact sheets can be found within the three Tables of contents listed below where each table is sorted either alphabetically by substance name, or numerically by Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Registry Number or the Department of Transportation (DOT) Number. Each table of contents includes the CAS# and the DOT# for each chemical, if applicable. Each fact sheet is made available in both WordPerfect 5.1 and Adobe Acrobat. To obtain a fact sheet, click on a "WP5.1" or "PDF" link and use your browser's mechanism for saving the file. To view the fact sheet, open the saved file with a program that is compatible with WordPerfect 5.1 or your Adobe Acrobat reader available from our software page.

About the Toxic Air Contaminant Fact Sheets

The Proposition 65 List is periodically updated by the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA). For the most current Proposition 65 List, please phone the OEHHA at (916) 445-6900.

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