The authors of this report wish to express their sincere appreciation for the efforts of all participants from the Air Resources Board (ARB), the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA), the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR), and the University of California at Riverside (UCR). The following people helped prepare this report by providing information, comments, wordprocessing, editing, or review:

Nancy Adams
Vincent Agusiegbe
Patrick Au
Jeff Austin
Michele Burkette
Joe Guerrero
Marline Hicks
Kelly Hughes
Steve Hui
David Julian
Sue Kaiser
Lisa Kasper
Alex Krichevsky
Jim Lombard
Kitty Martin
Peter Mathews
Paul Milkey
Chris Nguyen
Faye Palmer
Elizabeth Parkhurst
Ralph Propper
Doris Rausch
Kirk Rosenkranz
Ron Rothacker
Dorothy Shimer
Other individuals who contributed significantly to this report, providing technical expertise and guidance: George Alexeeff (OEHHA), Janet Arey (UCR), Roger Atkinson (UCR), Peggy Jenkins (ARB), Kevin Kelley (DPR), John Budroe (OEHHA), Melanie Marty (OEHHA), Frank Mycroft (OEHHA), Mike Poore (ARB), Mike Redgrave (ARB), John Sanders (DPR), and Beth Schwehr (ARB), Peggy Taricco (ARB). The contributions of these individuals are gratefully acknowledged.


This document is dedicated in thoughtful memory to Mimi Jones whose engaging personality and cheerful persistence are deeply missed by her co-workers at the Air Resources Board. Mimi worked diligently on the prior toxic air contaminant report entitled Information on Substances for Review as Toxic Air Contaminants. Throughout her life, Mimi's physical limitations did not keep her from accomplishing the things that she set out to do. Mimi is fondly remembered.