ARB's Drayage Truck Regulation
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Past Meetings and Workshops

Date/Time Description Details
August 26, 2010
August 31, 2010
September 1, 2010
September 7, 2010
September 8, 2010

Past Workshops to discuss proposed amendments for the Truck and Bus, Off-Road, and Drayage Trucks Regulations.
ARB staff invited interested parties to attend five workshops. At these workshops, staff discussed the revised emissions inventories, as well as the proposed amendments to the In-Use Heavy-Duty Diesel-Fueled Vehicles Regulation (truck and bus regulation), the Regulation for In-Use Off-Road Diesel Fueled Fleets (off-road regulation), and the In-Use On-Road Diesel-Fueled Heavy-Duty Drayage Trucks Regulation (drayage truck regulation). Workshops were held in Fresno, El Monte, San Diego, Sacramento, and Oakland. The Sacramento workshop was webcast, and live video feed was setup for alternative locations to telecast the Fresno workshop.
Workshop Notice


Date / Location Presentation
11/01/2007: Workshop Meeting, Oakland Staff Presentation (PDF) 2054kb
10/30/2007: Workshop Meeting, Los Angeles Staff Presentation (PDF) 2054kb
07/09-13/2007: Workshop Meeting, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland Staff Presentation (PDF) 1535kb
03/29/2007: Truck Meeting Staff Presentation (PDF) 3261kb
01/31/2007: Town Hall Meeting Staff Presentation (PDF) 1583kb
 01/09/2007: Workgroup Meeting, Long Beach Staff Presentation (PDF) 3869kb
11/13/2006: Workgroup Meeting, Sacramento Staff Presentation (PDF) 548kb
09/08/2006:  Public Consultation Meeting. Oakland Staff Presentation (PDF) 740kb
08/30/2006:  Public Consultation Meeting, San Pedro Staff Presentation (PDF) 559kb