Drayage Truck Documents and Application Forms

This page updated March 09, 2016

Registration Application Forms

Please register your trucks online:

Register Your truck

Use the following application to register by U.S. Mail:

Revised Drayage Truck Registration Application Class 7 / Class 8 Form: SSD/PAB #35 (PDF)

Drayage Truck Exemption Application Form: SSD/PAB #37 (PDF)

Port Exemption Application Form: SSD/PAB #32: (PDF)
Port and Rail Exemption Frequently Asked Questions: (PDF)


Non-compliant Truck Reporting Form SSD/PAB #40: (Excel Spreadsheet)

Outreach Materials

Fact Sheets (PDF)




Truck Label Sample Packet Version 2/16/2012 (PDF - 581kb)

Class 7 Truck Drayage Brochure 3/21/2012 - Expired.(PDF - 530kb)

Truck Owner and Operator Information Trifold Flyer (PDF - 417kb)

Additional Drayage Truck Regulation Information


Evaluation of Port Trucks and Possible Mitigation Strategies - April 2006

Full Report (PDF - 2.5 mb)