Drayage Truck Regulatory Activity - Truck Model Year vs Engine Model Year (MY)

This page last reviewed March 09, 2016

In reviewing the drayage truck registration (DTR) information, we have identified a common mistake in the reporting of truck and engine information. Some truck and engine model years are being reported as the same year (i.e., 2007 truck MY and 2007 engine MY). Generally, the engine model year falls one year behind the truck.

We are requesting that truck owners verify the engine model years submitted to the DTR by reading the year stamped on the truck's Emission Control Label (ECL) located on the engine. ECLs are required by law. Failure to report the correct engine model year could result in a $1000 fine or more.


Detroit Diesel ECL is typically on the top of the engine. A 2008 engine model year Detroit Diesel ECL verifies that the truck compliant thru 2022.


The Caterpillar ECL is typically on the front of the engine. The image is of a 2008 vehicle model year truck. The engine model year, 2007, is fully compliant thru 2022.

Cummins ECL

The Cummins ECL is typically on top of the engine, drivers' side. The image is of a 2007 vehicle model year. Note that the engine model year is 2006 and was compliant thru 2012. Most engines fall behind the truck model by one year.

International ECL

An example of an International ECL with a 2004 engine model year.

2011 Mack ECL

A Mack ECL. A 2011 engine model year meets final drayage regulation requirements.

Please check the truck and engine information submitted to the State's DTR by logging into your account and reviewing and/or editing the truck and engine information.

If you change from a 2007 Engine MY to a 2006 or older Engine MY
  1. Update information in the DTR.
  2. Remove sticker from truck.
  3. Replace truck with a 2007 Engine MY or newer to become compliant. 
If you change to a 2007 and newer Engine MY
  1. Updated information in the DTR.
  2. No new sticker needed.
2020 sticker

Please be advised that the accuracy of the engine information submitted is critical to meeting the compliance schedule of the program and meeting the goals of reducing diesel emissions at  port and rail facilities in California.

Incorrect information submitted to the registry is a violation of the drayage truck program and could be subject to enforcement action.

If you have additional questions about how to verify the engine model year or a general question about the drayage truck program, please call the drayage truck hotline at 1-888-247-4821.