TRU Compliance Check Resources for Carriers, Brokers, Forwarders, Shippers, and Receivers

This page last reviewed December 7, 2012.

This webpage provides options for determining the compliance status of a TRU[1] or company that owns TRUs.

Beginning January 1, 2013, the business entity that hires a carrier to transport perishable goods on California highways or railways must only hire or contract with carriers that agree to dispatch TRUs that meet ARB’s in-use performance standards for TRUs.  The business entity that hires refrigerated carriers is typically a broker, forwarder, shipper, or receiver.

ARBER Login Page

Owners may use this link to print out the ARBER certification page for a specific TRU, or to print out a report of all of their registered TRUs.  These show information about each TRU, including its ARB Identification Number (IDN), compliance status and compliant until date, and may be provided to a broker, shipper, or receiver to demonstrate compliance.

Public TRU Compliance Search Page

Brokers, forwarders, shippers and receivers may use this link to check an individual TRU’s compliance status if you know one of the following:

 TRU 100 Percent Compliant-Carrier Report Page

Brokers, forwarders, shippers and receivers may use this link to check to see if all of a company’s registered TRU’s are compliant.  Companies will not be included on this list if they have non‑compliant units, or if the TRUs they operate are owned by another business entity, such as a lessor, parent company, or holding company.  Additionally, carriers based outside of California may not be included depending on whether they have voluntarily chosen to register.

Use this link to check a carrier if you know the carrier is the TRU owner and you know: 

Where can I find more information?

Regulatory Guidance for Brokers, Forwarders, Shippers, Receivers, Carriers and Drivers is at:

General information about the TRU Regulation (e.g. compliance requirements) is at:

The ARBER Registration Website is at:

ARBER Registration Help Pages are at:

TRU Advisories are at:


If you have questions about compliance or registration in ARBER, please call the TRU Help Line at:  1-888-878-2826 or call 1-916-327-8737.



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