Final Diesel Risk Reduction Plan with Appendices

This page last reviewed July 8, 2000

In September 2000, the Air Resources Board (ARB) adopted the Diesel Risk Reduction Plan (Diesel RRP or Plan), which recommends many control measures to reduce the risks associated with diesel particulate matter (PM) and achieve a goal of 75 percent PM reduction by 2010 and 85 percent by 2020. The Diesel RRP can be viewed and downloaded using the links below. More information regarding the Plan can be found on the Background page.

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Final Diesel Risk Reduction Plan

Final Diesel Risk Reduction Plan
  •   Diesel Risk Reduction Plan (without Appendices)
  •  Appendix 1 (30K) Glossary of Terms and Acronyms
  •  Appendix 2 (503K) Stationary and Portable Diesel-Fueled Engines
  •  Appendix 3 (233K) Mobile Diesel-Fueled Engines
  •  Appendix 4 (131K) Fuels Report
  •  Appendix 5 (26K) Summary of Existing Regulations
  •  Appendix 6 (36K) Methodology for Estimating Ambient Concentrations of Particulate Diesel-Fueled Engines and Vehicles
  •  Appendix 7 (82K) Risk Characterization Scenarios
  •  Appendix 8 (5K) Health and Safety Code Section 39665
  •  Appendix 9 (356K) Diesel PM Control Technologies


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