2016 Board Item Resolutions

This page last reviewed February 15, 2017


On this page, you will find Board Item Resolutions from Board Meetings held in the year 2016. Look in the Resolution Index to find the number of a Resolution pertaining to a specific Board Item or Hearing date.

Resolution Number Item Hearing Date
16-1 Heavy-Duty On-Road Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Program
January 21, 2016
16-2Amendments to the Portable Fuel Container Regulation February 18, 2016
16-4California Evaluation Procedure for the New Aftermarket Diesel Particulate Filters Intended as Modified Parts for 2007 through 2009 Model Year On-Road Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines April 22, 2016
16-5Proposed Amendments to the Regulation for Small Containers of Automotive Refrigerant Regulation April 22, 2016
16-3PM10 State Implementation Plan for Owens Valley May 19, 2016
16-6Proposed Research Plan, Fiscal Year 2016-2017 May 19, 2016
16-7Consider the Proposed Fiscal Year 2016-17 Funding Plan for Low Carbon Transportation and Fuels Investments and the Air Quality Improvement Program
June 23, 2016
16-82016 Ozone State Implementation Plan for the San Joaquin ValleyJuly 21, 2016
16-9Regulation for Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards for Crude Oil and Natural Gas Facilities
July 21, 2016
16-10Amendments to the Large Spark-Ignition Fleet Requirements Regulation
July 21, 2016
16-11Ozone Designation Recommendations for the Revised National Ozone Standard of 70 Parts Per Billion
September 22, 2016
16-13Consider Modifications to the Fiscal Year 2016-17 Funding Plan for Low Carbon Transportation and Fuels Investments and the Air Quality Improvement Program
October 20, 2016
16-16Measurement of In-Use Emissions and Fuel Consumption from Vocational Heavy-Duty Vehicles with Conventional and Alternative Engine and Fuel Technologies in Southern California

October 20, 2016
16-17Emerging Technology Zero Emission Vehicle Household Travel and Refueling Behavior

October 20, 2016
16-18Monitoring Carbon Dioxide and Methane in Los Angeles, California through Source Attribution and Long-term Trend Analysis

October 20, 2016
16-19Identifying and Characterizing Air Pollution Sources Along the US-Mexico Border

October 20, 2016
16-20Proposed Regulation to Provide Certification Flexibility for Innovative Heavy-Duty Engines and California Certification and Installation Procedures for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Hybrid Conversion Systems (Innovative Technology Regulation)

October 20, 2016
16-21Update on Phase 2 Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engines and Vehicles, and Related Research Studies

October 20, 2016
16-14Amendments to the Evaporative Emission Requirements for Small Off-Road Engines

November 17, 2016

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