2008 Board Item Resolutions

This page last reviewed February 4, 2016


On this page, you will find Board Item Resolutions from Board Meetings held in the year 2008. Look in the Resolution Index to find the number of a Resolution pertaining to a specific Board Item or Hearing date.

Resolution Number Item Hearing Date
08-1 Research Proposal: Economic Value of Reducing Cardiovascular Disease Morbidity January 24, 2008
08-2 Research Proposal: Environmental Justice Saturation Monitoring of Selected Pollutants in Wilmington - Contract Augmentation January 24, 2008
08-3 Research Proposal: Development of a California-Specific Intermodal Freight Transport Model January 24, 2008
08-4 Research Proposal: Reducing Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds from Agricultural Soil Fumigation: Comparing Emission Estimates from Simplified Methodology January 24, 2008
08-5 Research Proposal: Developing a California Inventory for Industrial Applications of Perfluorocarbons, Sulfur Hexafluoride, Hydrofluorocarbons, Nitrogen Trifluoride, Hydrofluoroethers, and Ozone Depleting Substances January 24, 2008
08-6 Proposition 1B: Grants for Fiscal Year 2007-08 Funds to Reduce Emissions from Goods Movement May 22, 2008
08-7 Innovative Clean Air Technology Grant: SunCache Solar Water Heating System Demonstration Project January 24, 2008
08-8 Innovative Clean Air Technology Grant: Field Demonstration of an Advanced Composite Particulate Filter January 24, 2008
08-9 Innovative Clean Air Technology Grant: High Accuracy Mobile Emissions Laboratory January 24, 2008
08-10 Early Progress Plans for the California State Implementation Plan February 28, 2008
08-11 Appointments to the Environmental Justice Advisory Committee January 24, 2008
08-12 Proposition 1B Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program Guidelines February 28, 2008
08-13 Amendments to the Verification Procedure, Warranty and In-Use Strategies to Control Emissions from Diesel Engines January 24, 2008
08-14 Research Proposal: In-Vehicle Air Pollution Exposure Measurement and Modeling February 28, 2008
08-15 Research Proposal: Developing a California Inventory for Ozone Depleting Substances and Hydrofluorocarbon Banks and Emissions from Foams February 28, 2008
08-16 Research Proposal: Characterization of Toxicity as a Function of Volatility of Ultrafine Particulate Matter Emissions from Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles February 28, 2008
08-17 Research Proposal: The California Climate Change Industry: An Economic Analysis Assessing the Current Market and Prospects for Growth in the Global Economy February 28, 2008
08-18 Research Proposal: Environmental Chamber Studies of Ozone Impacts of Coatings Volatile Organic Compounds February 28, 2008
08-19 Research Proposal: Source Apportionment of Carbonaceous Aerosols Using Integrated Multi-Variant and Source Tracer Techniques and a Unique Molecular Marker Data Set February 28, 2008
08-20 Research Proposal: Expansion of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority Evaluation of On-Board Real-Time Particulate Emissions Measurement Technologies Program February 28, 2008
08-21 Research Proposal: Arctic Research of the Composition of the Troposphere from Aircraft and Satellites (ARCTAS)-California 2008: An Airborne Mission to investigate California Air Quality February 28, 2008
08-22 Revisions to Carl Moyer Incentive Program Guidelines March 27, 2008
08-23 2007/08 Lower-Emission School Bus Program Guidelines and Funding Allocation March 27, 2008
08-24 2008 Proposed Amendments to the California Zero Emission Vehicle Program Regulations March 27, 2008
08-25 Research Proposal: Lifecycle Analysis of High Global Warming Potential Greenhouse Gas Destruction April 24, 2008
08-26 Approval of Western Mojave Desert 8-Hour Ozone State Implementation Plan June 26, 2008
08-27 Modified Transportation Conformity Budgets Contained in the 2007 Air Quality Management Plan for Attaining the Federal 8-hr. Ozone & PM 2.5 Standard in the South Coast Air Basin April 24, 2008
08-28 2008 San Joaquin Valley PM2.5 Plan with the Ozone Update May 22, 2008
08-29 Research Proposal: Systemic Platelet Activation in Mice Exposed to Fine Particulate Matter May 22, 2008
08-30 Proposed Amendments to the California Consumer Products Regulation June 26, 2008
08-31 Approval of a Grant Under the Innovative Clean Air Technologies Program June 26, 2008
08-32 Approval of Ventura 8-Hour Ozone State Implementation Plan June 26, 2008
08-33 Adoption of Regulation for the Certification, Performance Standards, & Test Procedures for Portable Outboard Marine Tanks and Components September 25, 2008
08-34 Fiscal Year 2008-2009 Annual Research Plan July 24, 2008
08-35 Proposed Regulation for Fuel Sulfur and Other Operational Requirements for Ocean Going Vessels within California Waters and 24 Nautical Miles of California’s baseline July 24, 2008
08-36 Amends to the Spark-Ignition Marine Engine Regulations July 24, 2008
08-37 Proposal to Adopt Three Greenhouse Gas Reporting & Project Protocols for Local Government Operations, Urban Forestry & Manure Digesters September 25, 2008
08-39 Retiring Air Pollution Control Officer Doug Quetin June 15, 2008
08-40 Consider Approval of the Assembly Bill 118 Air Quality Guidelines September 25, 2008
08-41 Amendments to the Current Small off-Road Engines Regulation November 21, 2008
08-42 Amendments to the Current Regulation for Large Spark Ignition Engines with an Engine Displacement less than or equal to one liter November 21, 2008
08-43 Emission Control In-Use On-Road HDDV & Proposed Amends. to the Reg. for In-Use Of-Road Vehicles, Drayage Trucks, Municipal & Utility Vehicles, Mobile Cargo Handling Equip., Portable Engines & Equip., & Commercial Vehicle Idling December 11 & 12, 2008
08-44 Regulation to Control Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Heavy Duty Vehicles December 11 & 12, 2008
08-47 Assembly Bill 32 Scoping Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in California December 11 & 12, 2008
08-48 Research Proposal: Potential Design, Implementation, and Benefits of a Feebate Program for New Passenger Vehicles in California December 11 & 12, 2008

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