2004 Board Item Resolutions

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On this page, you will find Board Item Resolutions from Board Meetings held in the year 2004. Look in the Resolution Index to find the number of a Resolution pertaining to a specific Board Item or Hearing date.

Resolution Number Item Hearing Date
04-1 Research Proposal: Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease in the California Teachers Study Cohort January 22, 2004
04-2Research Proposal: Determination of Reactive Oxygen Species Activity in PM and Enhanced Exposure Assessment for the NIH, NIEHS Study Entitled: Ultrafine Particulate Matter and Cardiorespiratory HealthJanuary 22, 2004
04-3Research Proposal: Survey of Ventilation Practices and Housing Characteristics in New California HomesJanuary 22, 2004
04-4Research Proposal: Hourly, In-situ Quantitation of Organic Aerosol Marker CompoundsJanuary 22, 2004
04-5CA Motor Vehicle Service Information RegulationJanuary 22, 2004
04-62003 State Area Designations and Designation Criteria ChangesJanuary 22, 2004
04-7ATCM For Portable EnginesFebruary 26, 2004
04-8Modifications to the PERP RegulationsFebruary 26, 2004
04-9Research Proposal: Effect of GSTM1 Genotype on OzoneInduced Allergic Airway InflammationMarch 25, 2004
Research Proposal: Determination of Reactive Oxygen Species Activity in PM and Enhanced Exposure Assessment for the NIH, NIEHS Study Entitled: Ultrafine Particulate Matter and Cardiorespiratory HealthMarch 25, 2004
04-11Research Proposal: Development of a Micro Air Particulate Analyzer (MicroAPA) for Ubiquitous Deployment in Air Quality Monitoring and Epidemiological StudiesMarch 25, 2004
04-12Research Proposal: Evaluation of Mechanisms of Exhaust Intrusion into School Buses and Feasible Mitigation MeasuresMarch 25, 2004
04-13Research Proposal: Evaluation of the Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine
Not-To-Exceed Regulation
March 25, 2004
04-14Chip Reflash 2004May 20, 2004
04-15Research Proposal: Analysis of Building Characteristics and Indoor Environmental Quality in California ClassroomsMay 20, 2004
04-16Engine Manufacturer Diagnostics (EMD)May 20, 2004
04-17Don Ames (Retirement)June 24, 2004
04-18Amendments to the Consumer Products RuleJune 24, 2004
04-19Amendments to the Fleet Rule for Transit AgenciesJune 24, 2004
04-20CO Maintenance DIP For Ten AreasJuly 22, 2004
04-21Amendments to the Unihose DispenserJuly 22, 2004
04-23ATCM to limit Diesel-Fueled Commercial Motor Vehicles IdlingJuly 22, 2004
04-24Research Proposal: Quantifying Pollutant Emissions from Office EquipmentJuly 22, 2004
04-25Ellen Hardebeck (Retirement)July 22, 2004
04-26Douglas Allard (Retirement Santa Barbara APCO)July 22, 2004
04-27Norm Covell (Retirement Sac. APCO)July 22, 2004
04-28Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Motor Vehicles Sept. 23, 2004
04-29San Joaquin Valley 1-Hour Ozone SIPOctober 28, 2004
04-30Annual Research PlanOctober 29, 2004


Research Proposal: Air Pollution and Environmental Justice: Integrating Indicators of Cumulative Impact and Socioeconomic Vulnerability into Regulatory Decision-makingOctober 29, 2004
04-32Research Proposal: Climate ChangeCharacterization of Black Carbon and Organic Carbon Air Pollution Emissions and Evaluation of Measurement MethodsOctober 29, 2004


Research Proposal: Determination of the Spatial and Temporal Variability of Size-Resolved PM2.5 Composition and Mixing State in Multiple Regions in CaliforniaNovember 18, 2004
04-34Research Proposal: Effects of Ozone and Nitrogen Dioxide Exposure on Cardiovascular Responses in Healthy and Susceptible Humans November 18, 2004


Research Proposal: Effects of Woodsmoke on Cardiopulmonary Responses in Healthy and Susceptible HumansNovember 18, 2004


Research Proposal: The Role of Inhaled Particles in the Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular DiseaseNovember 18, 2004


Research Proposal: Particle Phase Peroxides: Concentrations, Sources, and BehaviorNovember 18, 2004
04-38Proposed Regulatory Amendments Extending the CA Standards from Motor Vehicle Diesel Fuel used by Haborcraft and Intrastate LocomotivesNovember 18, 2004
04-39Proposed Amendments Refining the California Phase 3 Reformulated Gasoline RegulationsNovember 18, 2004
04-40Proposed Amendments to the Nonvehicular Source, Consumer Products, and Architectural Coatings Fee RegulationsNovember 18, 2004
04-41Proposed Amendments to the Effective and Operative Dates for Enhanced Vapor Recovery StandardsNovember 18, 2004
04-42Proposed List of Measures to Reduce PM 10 & PM 2.5 (Implementation of SB 656, SHER, 2003)November 18, 2004
04-43Proposed Amendments to the CA Off-Road Emissions Regs. For Diesel Engines and EquipmentDecember 9, 2004
04-44Airborne Toxic Control Measures to Reduce Emissions to Hexavalent Chromium & Nickel from Thermal SprayingDecember 9, 2004
04-45Renaming the CVA to Byron Sher Auditorium November 18, 2004
04-46Chip Reflash UpgradeDecember 9, 2004

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