2002 Board Item Resolutions

This page last reviewed July 8, 2016


On this page, you will find Board Item Resolutions from Board Meetings held in the year 2002. Look in the Resolution Index to find the number of a Resolution pertaining to a specific Board Item or Hearing date.

Resolution Number Item Hearing Date
02-1 Cancelled
02-2Residential Burning ATCMFebruary 21, 2002
02-4Voluntary Accelerated Vehicle Retirement RegulationsFebruary 21, 2002
02-5Research Proposal:  Keeping Tahoe Blue through Ambient Air Quality Modeling - Aircraft and Boat Measurements of Air Quality and Meteorology Over Lake TahoeFebruary 21, 2002
02-6Research Proposal:  Keeping Tahoe Blue through Identifying Nitrogen Transport to Lake Tahoe - Additional Ambient Air Nitrogen Species MeasurementsFebruary 21, 2002
02-7Relocation of Rice Straw FundingFebruary 21, 2002

Dr. Robert Zweig       

February 21, 2002
02-9Research Proposal:  A Post-Regulatory Evaluation of the Cost and Economic Impact Estimates of Air Pollution Control RegulationsMarch 21, 2002
02-10Research Proposal:  Indoor Air Chemistry - Cleaning Agents, Ozone, and Toxic Air ContaminantsMarch 21, 2002
02-11Research Proposal:  Gas-Phase Formation Rates of Nitric Acid and Its Isomers Under Urban ConditionsMarch 21, 2002
02-12Research Proposal:  Quantitative Analysis of Aerosol Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Data using YAADAMarch 21, 2002
02-13Research Proposal:  Research into the Development of Biological Methods of Dust Suppression in the Antelope ValleyMarch 21, 2002
02-14Research Proposal:  Determination of the Asbestos Content of Current Automotive Dry Friction Materials, and the Potential Contribution of Asbestos to the Particulate Matter Derived from Brake WearMarch 21, 2002
02-15Research Proposal:  Incidence of Malfunctioning and Tampering in Heavy-Duty VehiclesMarch 21, 2002
02-16Transit Bus UpdateMarch 21, 2002
02-17Bi-Annual OBD II Regulation UpdateApril 25, 2002
02-18Fuels Penalty Report to the LegislatureApril 25, 2002
02-19ZIP IIApril 25, 2002
02-20Research Proposal: Augmentation of Collection of Evaporative Emissions Data from Off-Road EquipmentMay 16, 2002
02-21Research Proposal:  A Pilot Study to Quantify Health Benefits of Incremental Improvements in Air QualityMay 16, 2002
02-22Research Proposal:  Alternatives to Automotive Consumer Products that use Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and/or Chlorinated Organic Compound SolventsMay 16, 2002
02-23Retrofit Verification ProceduresMay 16, 2002
02-24Review of Particulate Matter StandardsJune 20, 2002
02-25Amendments to the Phase 3 California Reformulated Gasoline RequirementsJuly 25, 2002

FY 2002-03 ICAT Grant Awards

July 25, 2002
02-27FY 2002-03 ICAT Grant AwardsJuly 25, 2002
02-28FY 2002-03 ICAT Grant AwardsJuly 25, 2002
02-29Mark EdwardsN/A
02-30Transit BusOctober 24, 2002
02-31LEV Heavy Duty Otto Cycle EngineDecember 12, 2002
02-32Research Proposal:  Fresno Asthmatic Children’s Environment Study Proposal - Project Period 2December 12, 2002

School Bus Idling ATCM

December 12, 2002
02-34CaRFG3 Specifications for De Min Imus Levels of Oxygenates and MTBD PhaseoutDecember 12, 2002
02-35Enhanced Vapor Recovery Technology ReviewDecember 12, 2002
02-36Administrative Civil PenaltiesDecember 12, 2002

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