State of California

Summary of Board Meeting
December 21, 1995

Air Resources Board
Board Hearing Room, Lower Level
2020 "L" Street
Sacramento, California

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Hons. John D. Dunlap, III, Chairman
                                                 Eugene A. Boston, M.D.
                                                 Joseph C. Calhoun, P.E.
                                                 Lynne T. Edgerton, Esq.
                                                 M. Patricia Hilligoss
                                                 John S. Lagarias, P.E.
                                                 Jack C. Parnell
                                                 Ron Roberts
                                                 Doug Vagim



Continuation of a Public Meeting to Update the Board on the Zero-Emission Vehicle Program


At the November Board meeting, the Board directed the staff to propose modifications to the ZEV program and to provide a status report to the Board in December and a final proposal no later than March 1996. At the December Board meeting, staff presented three concepts to the Board and received comments from thirty-nine witnesses. In order for the staff to have additional time to review the proposals, the Chairman directed a continuation of the Board meeting to December 21, 1995. At that time, the staff recommended a proposal to the Board.

The proposal is largely based on one of the three concepts presented to the Board at the December 14 Board meeting, namely, Concept B. The staff proposal suggests suspending the ZEV mandate through 2002, and initiating a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the ARB and each automaker. The MOAs would provide placement of ZEVs in California prior to the 10 percent requirement in 2003 for demonstration purposes, among other criteria.

Major stakeholders who presented comments to the Board included representatives of automobile manufacturers, the oil industry, environmental groups, California businesses, electric utilities, and battery companies.

Auto manufacturers generally supported the staff proposal, with the exception of the 10 percent requirement beginning in 2003. Auto manufacturers stated that it is essential that the 10 percent requirement be delayed until 2004 due to the need for additional time to develop advanced batteries and the risks associated with producing both ZEVs and a "49-state car" for Northeast states.

Environmental group representatives voiced several concerns about the staff proposal, mostly regarding details which had not yet been determined. These include questions regarding the enforcement mechanism of the MOA, penalties for noncompliance, automaker volume ramp-up plans beyond demonstration ZEVs, justification for the proposed modifications, how emissions equivalence will be determined, and whether technology investment will continue at its current pace.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Board directed the staff to pursue the proposed modifications and negotiate details with the auto manufacturers for consideration at a March 1996 Board Meeting.


Bernie Richter                           Assemblyman

Kelly M. Brown                        Ford Motor Company

Samuel A. Leonard                   General Motors

Dave Hermance                        Toyota

John Schutz                               Nissan R & D

Eric Ridenour                            Chrysler

Melissa Kasnitz                         CALPIRG

Tim Carmichael                         Coalition for Clean Air

Tom Austin                               Sierra Research

Peter Welch                              California Motor Car Dealers Assoc.

Ted Costa                                 People's Advocate, Inc.

Chuck Olson                             Citizen

Bill O'Brien                                Hawker Energy Products, Inc.

Arthur Cartwright                       SEVA

Joe Caves                                  Union of Concerned Scientists

Jamie Phillips                              Planning & Conservation League

Stephen Heckeroth                     Sup. Charles Peterson

Bonnie Holmes                           Sierra Club

Janet Hathaway                          Natural Resources Defense Council

Jerry Mader                               Advanced Battery Task Force

Paul Knepprath                          American Lung Association of Calif.

Bill Van Amberg                        CALSTART

David Modisette                        Calif. Electric Transportation Coalition

Anita Mangels                            Californians Against Hidden Taxes

Bill Wason                                 BAT International

Clare Bell                                   Electric Auto Association

Michael Semmens                       Electrosource

Lewis K. Uhler                           National Tax Limitations Committee

Ben Knight                                 Honda R & D, North America