State of California

Summary of Board Meeting
January 25, 2001

Air Resources Board
Board Hearing Room, Lower Level
2020 L Street
Sacramento, California

MEMBERS PRESENT: Hons. Alan C. Lloyd, Ph.D., Chairman
    Dr. William A. Burke
    Joseph C. Calhoun, P.E.
    Doreen D'Adamo
    Mark J. Desaulnier
    C. Hugh Friedman
    William F. Friedman, M.D.
    Matthew R. McKinnon
    Barbara Riordan
    Ron Roberts

01-1-1 Public Hearing to Consider Amendments to the California Zero Emission Vehicle Regulations


Staff presented proposed amendments to the California Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) regulations. The amendments had been prepared in response to a directive provided by the Air Resources Board (Board or ARB) at its September 2000 meeting. At the September 2000 meeting, the Board considered the status of the ZEV program. After hearing extensive testimony and public comment, the Board affirmed that the ZEV program is an essential component of the State's long-term air quality strategy, and resolved that the basic ZEV requirements be retained and implemented in California. The Board also directed staff to develop and propose regulatory modifications and other steps that address the challenges associated with the successful long-term implementation of the ZEV program, and that result in a sustainable market for ZEVs.

At this hearing, staff provided an overview of the rationale for the proposed changes, and described the key elements of the staff proposal:
· Maintain core technology-forcing mandate
· Phase in ZEV and partial-zero emission vehicle (PZEV) requirements
· Allow further ZEV reduction if offset with advanced technology PZEVs
· Gradually increase the future ZEV requirement

Staff then described the effect of the staff proposal. The number of pure ZEVs required would be reduced, particularly in the early years, but would still greatly exceed the number placed to date. The number of PZEVs would be phased in but would match the previous requirement by 2006. An additional category of advanced technology PZEVs would be introduced, which would lead to large numbers of near zero vehicles with electric drive or other ZEV-like characteristics.

The cost of the program would be reduced in 2003 by $130 million to
$400 million, depending on the compliance strategy chosen by manufacturers. These savings would decline in future years as the PZEV numbers increase.

From an emission standpoint the staff proposal would be neutral with respect to the previous regulation.

Staff then provided a detailed description of the individual proposed changes. The presentation concluded with a description of staff activities and plans regarding incentives, infrastructure, and public outreach.

Assemblyman Tony Cardenas  
Assemblyman Marco Firebaugh  
Carl Johnson New York State
Kelly Brown Ford
David Freeman LADWP
Jo Cooper Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
Tom Austin Sierra Research
Jim Olson Toyota
Reg Modlin Daimler Chrysler
Ben Knight Honda
Al Weverstad General Motors
Bahram Fazeli Communities for a Better Environment
Bella Lagunas/Jennie Lagunas Mejoramiento
Margarita Sanchez Mejoramiento
Elsa Lopez Melasi
Dr. Thomas Dailey American Lung Association
Robert Stempel Energy Conversion Devices
Steve Kirsch Propel Software Corp.
Paul Lancaster Ballard Power Systems
Barbara Lee CAPCOA
Chung Liu SCAQMD
Ellen Garvey BAAQMD
Alec Brooks AC Propulsion
Dan Kelly International Fuel Cells
Christian St-Pierre Avestor
Cecile Martin Cal ETC
Bonnie Holmes-Gen American Lung Association
Roland Hwang NRDC
Jason Mark Union of Concerned Scientists
Janet Hathaway NRDC
Enid Joffe Clean Fuel Connection
Bob Graham EPRI
Kevin Finney Coalition for Clean Air
Sandra Spelliscy Planning and Conservation League
Ed Huestis City of Vacaville
Professor Andrew Frank UC Davis HEV Center
Tom Corbin Corbin Motors
Marco Piffaretti Infovel
Henriette Schoen Electric Vehicle Information Center
Graham Hill Dynasty Motorcar
Greg Hanssen Prod. EV Drivers Coalition
Steven Dibner Citizen
Alec Proudfoot Citizen
Bill Mason PEVDC
Jerry Pohorsky EV Driver
Dennis May Citizen
Tim Hastrup PEVDC
Mike Thompson Citizen
Stephen Casner Citizen/EV Driver
Rex Hodge Anuvu
Ron Chestnut Citizen
Doug Korthof Citizen
William Korthof Citizen
Steven Heckeroth ECD Beckard, Uni-Solar
Gary Nin-Austin Fusion Dynamics
Lisa Rosen Citizen
Eugen Dunlap Citizen


The Board approved Resolution No. 01-1 by a unanimous vote.


STAFF REPORT: Yes (174 pages)
01-1-2 Consideration of Research Proposals

The Board approved Resolution Nos. 01-2 through 01-6 by a unanimous vote.