State of California
                      AIR RESOURCES BOARD
                 Junipero Serra State Building
                   107 S. Broadway, Room 1138
                        Los Angeles, CA
                       December 20, 1972
                           9:30 a.m.

1.   Approval of Minutes of December 6, 1972 Meeting.

2.   Consideration of Assembly-Line Test Results for the 1st
     Quarter Production of 1973 Model Year Vehicles.

3.   Public Hearing Concerning Proposed Changes to Assembly-Line
     Test Procedures.

4.   Correspondence to Industry Concerning the Surveillance of
     New Vehicles for Compliance with End of Assembly-Line

5.   Consideration of Applications for Accreditation of NOx
     Control Devices of 1966-1970 Model Vehicles.

6.   Comparison of Quality Audit Data and Certification Approval
     Data for 1972 Model Vehicles.

7.   Exemptions of 1966-1970 Model Year Vehicles from Required
     Oxides of Nitrogen Exhaust Emission Control Devices.

8.   Other Business

     a.   Report on Public Utilities Commission Hearing on
          Proposed Combined Cycle Long Beach Power Plant.

     b.   Report of Legislation Committee: South Coast Basin
          Control Measures.

     c.   Other

9.   Remarks from the Audience - End of Morning and Afternoon


Informational Item Concerning Assembly-Line Test Results for the
First Quarter Production of 1973 Model Year Vehicles.


No action needed.  This item if related to Item No. 3 in agenda.


The staff has reviewed the reports submitted by vehicle
manufacturers concerning their first quarter's production.  Table
I, II, III and IV of the attached Staff Report show those
manufacturers that did not test an adequate sample of quarterly
production vehicles and/or had more than 10% of the quality audit
sample exceed the approval standard for a given compound.  

Many reporting discrepancies and deficiencies in the test
procedure were noted.  Those manufacturers whose reports
indicated discrepancies are being asked to correct them.  The
staff has proposed changes to correct the deficiencies noted in
the test procedures.


Proposed Revisions to Assembly-Line Test Procedures.


Adopt Resolution 71-104D.


While reviewing the 1972 model year quarterly reports and first
quarterly reports for 1973 model year, certain deficiencies were
noted in current assembly-line test procedures.  The revisions,
as presented to the Air Resources Board at its October 25, 1972
and November 21, 1972 meetings, were intended to correct these

At the Public Hearing on November 21, 1972, industry
representatives presented statements relative to these changes. 
Taking into account these statements.  It was found necessary to
make additional changes.  All of the proposed changes since
November 21 are double underlined in the proposed procedures. 
Since the November 21 hearing, the comments received by the staff
were merely reiterations of earlier testimony.

A continuation of the Public Hearing is scheduled for today's
meeting.  A copy of the Hearing Notice and Proposed Assembly-Line
Test Procedures are attached, as well as the staff's report
outlining the reasons for each change.


STP Corporation's Application for Accreditation of an NOx Control
Device for 1966-1970 Model Vehicles.


Adopt Resolution 72-123.


STP Corporation has submitted an application for accreditation of
its device for NOx exhaust emission control for 1966 through 1970
model vehicles in classes (a) through (f).

The test data and other information submitted show that the
device has satisfied the test procedure requirements for vehicles
in engine size classes (b) through (f), (over 140 cubic inches). 
The data submitted did not satisfy the requirements for class (a)
vehicles and therefore the accreditation of the device for
vehicles in this class should be deferred.


Informational Report Concerning a Comparison of Average Emissions
from 1972 model year Assembly Line Quality Audit with Emissions
from Approval Fleet Vehicles.




Average quality audit emissions data from 1972 model year
production have been compared with manufacturers approval fleet
4,000 mile emissions data.  Scatter diagrams were plotted.  Those
diagrams indicate that 4,000 mile emissions data are not a good
predictor of quality audit data.


Proposed Exemptions of 1966 through 1970 Model-Year Vehicles from
Required Oxides of Nitrogen Control Devices.


Comment on the proposed Executive Order listing the general
vehicle exemptions.


Pursuant to the provisions of Sections 39177 and 39177.2 of the
Health and Safety Code, a study was made of the 1966 through 1970
model-year vehicle population to determine the vehicles which
should be exempted from the requirement of installing an oxides
of nitrogen exhaust emission control device.

The bases for the exemptions, as stipulated in the Health and
Safety Code, are as follows:

     1.   Vehicles for which there is no device available or

     2.   Vehicles whose oxides of nitrogen emissions already
          meet the standard.

     3.   Vehicles that are equipped with an oxides of nitrogen
          control device and can meet the oxides of nitrogen

Before preparing the exemption list, the Executive Officer
requested the vehicle manufacturers to identify those vehicles
which meet the oxides of nitrogen standard and those vehicles
that should be exempted from retrofit for mechanical or control
system design reasons.  Comments were made concerning the vacuum
spark advance disconnect and the Echlin system.  Those comments
are included in the attached staff report.

The staff's recommendation for vehicle exemptions are shown in
the attached report and proposed Executive Order.