State of California
             County Schools Administration Building
                      2314 Mariposa Street
                           Fresno, CA
                       December 20, 1960
                           10:00 a.m.

1.   Opening Remarks . . . . . . Dr. John T. Middleton, Chairman.

2.   Reports to the Board

     a.   Air pollution in the San Joaquin Valley - Herman
          Rempel, Chairman, Air Pollution Committee, Fresno
          Chamber of Commerce.
     b.   Air quality measurements in the Central Valley - John
          A. Maga, Chief, Bureau of Air Sanitation, State
          Department of Public Health.
     c.   Air pollution and agriculture - E.F. Darley, Chairman,
          Statewide Agricultural Air Pollution Advisory
          Committee, University of California.
     d.   Meeting the requirements of the California law - G.P.
          Larson, Oxycatalyst, Inc. and E.J. Houdry Muffler
     e.   Functions of the muffler and attendant design problems
          - R.W. Godfrey, AP Parts Corporation.
     f.   Factors determining acceptability of exhaust control
          systems - T.A. Danner, Director of Engineering, Arvin
          Industries, Inc.
     g.   Control of crankcase emissions - S. Smith Griswold,
          Control Officer, Los Angeles County Air Pollution
          Control District.

3.   Business meeting of the Board

     a.   Approval of minutes of November 14, 1960 meeting.
     b.   Report of Chairman.
     c.   Report of Committee on Criteria for Devices,
          Evaluation, and Test Procedures.

4.   Remarks from audience

5.   Adjournment