State of California

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Building
Conference Room
2155 South Avenue
South Lake Tahoe, CA

December 15, 1975
10:00 a.m.



75-24-1 Approval of Minutes of October 28, 1975 Meeting.

75-24-2 Public Hearing - Formation of the Lake Tahoe Air 1

75-24-3 Public Hearing - Designation of Air Conservation 30

75-24-4 Public Hearing - Amendments to Assembly Line Test 55
Procedure Regulations for 1977 and Subsequent Model
Year Gasoline-Powered Passenger Cars and Trucks.

75-24-5 Other Business -
a. Executive Session - Personnel & Litigation
b. Research Proposals

75-24-6 Remarks from Audience

NOTE: Because the hearings on the Tahoe Valley Air Basin and
Air Conservation Areas (Items 2 and 3 may be lengthy,
consideration of subsequent agenda items may be
continued to the following day.

ITEM NO.: 75-24-2

Public Hearing to Consider Formation of the Lake Tahoe Air Basin.


A. Adopt Resolution 75-66 thereby establishing the Lake Tahoe
Air Basin and changing the Mountain Counties Air Basin
boundaries as proposed.

B. Direct the Executive Officer to request the Basinwide Air
Pollution Control Coordinating Council to be established for
the proposed Lake Tahoe Air Basin to submit to the Air
Resources Board a basinwide air pollution control plan by
September 1, 1976.


In response to the Board's request, the staff evaluated the
appropriateness of establishing a Lake Tahoe Air Basin, and found
that the meteorology, topography and air quality of the Lake
Tahoe area differ from the rest of the Mountain Counties Air
Basin. Therefore, the statutory requirements for the
establishment of air basins are fulfilled, and the staff
concluded that a Lake Tahoe Air Basin should be created.

It is possible that some of the present statewide ambient air
quality standards may not be appropriate for the Lake Tahoe Air
Basin. With the formation of the Lake Tahoe Air Basin, it seems
appropriate for the Board to consider different air quality
standards for this air basin. The Basinwide Air Pollution
Control Coordinating Council would then be required to develop a
basinwide air pollution control plan which would contain
provisions to achieve and maintain these standards.

ITEM NO.: 75-24-3

Public Hearing to Designate Air Conservation Areas.


Adopt Resolution 75-64 thereby: (1) designating as Air
Conservation Areas, those areas identified in the attachment to
the Resolution, and (2) authorizing the Executive Officer to
establish procedures and criteria for excluding certain portions
of the designated areas.


The Board directed the staff to develop a state program which
would protect the air quality in certain recreational and
undeveloped areas of the State. In response, the staff has
conceived a multiphased Air Conservation Program. The first
phase of the program is the designation of certain broad areas of
the State as air conservation areas. This public hearing is to
consider the designation of such areas.

ITEM NO.: 75-24-4

Public Hearing Regarding Proposed Assembly-Line Test Procedures
for 1977 and Subsequent Model-Year Gasoline-Powered Passenger
Cars and Light-Duty Trucks.


Adopt Resolution No. 75-67.


Recent Experience with 1975 production vehicles has prompted a
reevaluation of the assembly-line test procedures.

According to the present procedures, quality audit test results
are obtained on a 2.0% random sample of vehicles sold by
manufacturers and results are reported on a quarterly basis. In
some cases the Air Resources Board was unable to detect and take
prompt and effective action against excessive failures on the
assembly-line due to the limited number of vehicles tested and
the lag time built into the reporting period. The proposed
revisions deal with these deficiencies.

Resolution 75-67 56
Staff Report 75-24-5 57
Assembly-Line Test Procedures for 1977 66
and Subsequent (Appendix I)
Proposed Revisions to Sections 2106, 2107, 84
2108, and 2110 of Title 13 (Appendix II)
Assembly-Line Test Procedure for 1976 87
(Appendix III)
Public Hearing Notice (Appendix IV) 103