State of California
                      AIR RESOURCES BOARD
                     State Office Building
                 217 West First Street, Rm. 115
                        Los Angeles, CA
                     December 15 & 16, 1971
                           9:30 a.m.

1.   Opening Statement . . . . . . . . . .A.J. Haagen-Smit, Ph.D.

2.   Minutes of November 17, 1971 Meeting.

3.   Assembly-Line Test Procedures.

4.   Used Car Control Systems.

     a.   Air Quality Products, Inc.
     b.   General Motors.

5.   Kaiser Steel Company.

6.   Extensions for Open Dump Burning.

7.   Local Agricultural Burning Implementation Plans.

8.   Other Business

     a.   Approval of Control Systems and Permits.
     b.   Vehicle Enforcement Regulation.
     c.   Other.

9.   Public Hearing:

          Implementation plans for Metropolitan Los Angeles
          Federal Air Quality Control Region (South Coast Air

10.  Remarks from the Audience.


Air Quality Products Inc. (formerly Emission Control Technology,


On September 15, 1971, the Board adopted Resolution 71-72 which
accredited the emission control system submitted by Air Quality
Products, Inc.  The system is applicable for 1955 through
1965-model used light-duty vehicles for engines of size
classifications (d), (e), and (f).

In addition the Board imposed the condition that the installation
of the air Quality Products system shall not become mandatory
pursuant to Chapter 4 of the Health and Safety Code until it
finds that the following have been satisfied:

     1.   The Board's reservations as to the system's reduction
          of emissions, durability, and effect on driveability
          are removed.

     2.   The device is accredited for 75 percent of the 1955
          through 1965 light-duty vehicle population in

     3.   The device is available for installation.

This report presents the staff's evaluation concerning subsequent
information submitted by the applicant for removal of these
restrictions and supplements the staff report of September 15,
1971 to the Board.


Staff Report on a Study of Air Pollution from the Kaiser Steel
Plan, Fontana, California.

The study on air pollution from the Kaiser Steel Plant in
Fontana, California has been completed.  Copies of the report
have been sent to the Board members under separate cover.

The major findings and resulting recommendations are included in
the attached, "Summary and Recommendations" from the report.  The
recommendations include actions that should be taken by the San
Bernardino County Air Pollution Control District.  The staff
recommends that the report be transmitted to the District.  This
would be in accordance with the provisions of Section 39054 of
the Health and Safety Code with the request that the District
respond to the Board within 90 days concerning the


Staff Report on Applications From Cities and Counties to Continue
Open Burning on Waste Disposal Sites.


At its November 17, 1971 meeting, the Air Resources Board
approved time extensions for 235 city or county disposal sites to
use open fires for the purpose of disposal of solid waste after
December 31, 1971.  As of December 7, 1971, 31 additional
requests for time extensions have been received, and evaluated.

Of the 31 requests, 29 are approvable and 2 are not.  In
addition, the staff recommends rescinding approval for one dump
that had been granted a limited time extension at the last Board


Enforcement Regulations for New Vehicle Emissions Control

At the November 17, 1971 meeting, the Board conducted a public
hearing on the proposed enforcement regulations to be adopted
pursuant to Section 39154 of the Health and Safety Code.  Under
this section and the proposed regulations, the Board could
withhold approval of new model vehicles if a manufacturer
violated a law or regulation and failed to carry out corrective

The Board closed the public hearing, but held the record open for
comments on changes in the regulations which were presented to
the Board and the industry for the first time that day.

At the time of preparation of this board book, the record was
still open.  Accordingly, the revised regulations are not
attached, but will be presented at the meeting.  However, it
appears at this time that few additional changes will be