State of California
             San Diego Department of Public Health
                            Room 201
                          Civic Center
                         San Diego, CA
                       November 14, 1960
                           10:00 a.m.
                        Morning Session

1.   Opening Remarks . . . . . . Dr. John t. Middleton, Chairman.

2.   Reports on air pollution and discussion by the Board

     a.   Remarks on the air pollution problem and the Board
          program - Senator Hugo Fisher.
     b.   Air pollution in San Diego County and the importance of
          the motor vehicle pollution control program - L.M.
          Klauber, Chairman, Citizens Advisory Committee, San
          Diego County Air Pollution Control District.
     c.   The automobile industry and the motor vehicle pollution
          control program - Ralph H. Isbrandt, Chairman,
          Engineering Advisory Committee Automobile Manufacturers
     d.   A progress report: Meeting the requirements of the
          California law - R.E. Sutherland, Senior Vice
          President, Universal Oil Products.
     e.   Factors relating to the marketing and pricing of
          control devices - Paul L. Magill, Consultant.

                        Afternoon Session

3.   Business meeting of the Board

     a.   Approval of minutes of September 27, 1960 meeting.
     b.   Committee reports.
     c.   Report of Chairman.
     d.   Other business.

4.   Remarks from audience

5.   Adjournment of public meeting