State of California
                           AIR RESOURCES BOARD
                      Solid Waste Management Board
                           Conference Room 300
                             1020 9th Street
                          Sacramento, CA 95815
                            November 8, 1979
                               10:00 a.m.

79-26-1   Public Hearing to Consider Emergency Adoption of
          Amendments to Section 1960 and 1960.1 of Title 13,
          California Administrative Code, Exhaust Emission
          Standards and Test Procedures -- 1980 and Subsequent
          Model passenger Cars, Light-Duty Trucks, and Medium-
          Duty Vehicles.

79-26-2   Other Business
          a.   Delegations to the Executive Officer
          b.   Executive Session

The Air Resources Board finds that an emergency exists and the
attached regulation is necessary for the immediate preservation
of the public peace, health, and safety or general welfare. 
Immediate action to amend said regulations is needed to preserve
the general welfare in that 1980 model year vehicles have been
produced and are ready for sale in California, but, with respect
to manufacturers within the coverage of the proposed amendment,
are not being sold in California under existing regulations.  The
failure to permit the immediate introduction for sale in
California of vehicles covered by the proposed amendment will
result in great and substantial economic harm to the affected
manufacturers, their numerous distributors and dealers in
California, and to the public in general.