State of California
                      AIR RESOURCES BOARD
                The Resources Agency Auditorium
                       1416 Ninth Street
                         Sacramento, CA
                        October 21, 1970
                           9:30 a.m.

1.   Opening Remarks . . . . . .A.J. Haagen-Smit, Ph.D., Chairman

2.   Minutes of Meeting of September 17, 1970.

3.   Staff Report on Hydrocarbons and Oxides of Nitrogen
     Emissions in the South Coast Basin.

4.   Report of the Technical Advisory Committee.

5.   Staff Report on Implementation of Recently Enacted

     a.   AB 848 - Research.
     b.   AB 16 - Agricultural and Open Burning.
     c.   AB 83-86 - Local Control Districts.
     d.   AB 87 - Air Monitoring.

6.   Report on Implementation of Health and Safety Code 39054.

     a.   El Dorado County.
     b.   San Benito County.
     c.   Kaiser Steel in Fontana.

7.   Future Actions required Under the Federal Clean Air Act of

8.   Summary of Proposed Federal Legislation.

9.   Other Business.

10.  Committee Reports.

11.  Remarks from the Audience.


Hydrocarbon and Oxides of Nitrogen Emissions in the South Coast

At the meeting of the Air Resources Board on July 15, 1970, in
Los Angeles, the Board's staff presented the "Staff Report on
Hydrocarbon Emissions in the South Coast Basin".  The report
included a tabulation of the hydrocarbons emitted from various
types of sources and the emissions prevented by the present
control program.  At that time the Board requested that the staff
tabulate the hydrocarbons having high photochemical reactivity as
well as total hydrocarbon emissions.


AB 16 - Agricultural Burning and Open Burning.

AB 16 (Ketchum) pertains to the prohibition and control of open
fires for the disposal of agricultural and other wastes, and to
the use and sale of orchard heaters.  The provisions of the bill
are not to supersede the rules and regulations of those air
pollution control districts whose rules have been in effect 5
years prior to the enactment of this law.  The Bill contains an
urgency clause.

AB 83 (Schabarum) provides the mandatory formation of local air
pollution control districts, and for ARB review of local
implementation plans.  AB 86 (Schabarum) authorizes the Board to
repeal local rules and regulations if these are not adequate for
achieving ambient air quality standards.  both of these laws
direct the Board to act when actions by local agencies are found
to be inadequate.  These laws become effective on November 23,


AB 87 - Air Monitoring

Assembly Bill 87 (Schabarum), passed by the 1970 Legislature,
required the Air Resources Board to establish programs for
obtaining data on air quality in each basin and authorizes
contracts with local or regional authorities for such data.  To
carry out this program, the bill authorizes the expenditure of an
additional $450,000 for air monitoring in the 1970-71 fiscal


Staff Report on Local Air Pollution Problems.

As directed by the Air Resources Board (Health and Safety Code
Section 39054) letters were sent to the Boards of Supervisors of
El Dorado and San Benito Counties on July 24, 2970, informing
them that the Air Resources Board has passed Resolutions (July
15, meeting) requesting reports on specific air pollution
problems in their counties and on the action to be taken to
correct the problem.  a copy of the applicable Resolution was
forwarded with each letter.


Future Action Required Under the Federal Clean Air Act of 1967.

The Federal Clean Air Act of 1967 requires that the states adopt
and implement air quality standards for air quality control
regions determined by the federal government.  The issuance of
federal criteria on effects of a pollutant initiates a 450 day
schedule.  A state has 90 days to declare its intent to set
standards followed by 180 days during which standards must be
adopted and filed with the Secretary of the U.S. Department of
HEW.  In the 180 days that follow the establishment of standards
an implementation plan must be developed and files.  Two air
quality control regions have been established in California, one
in the Los Angeles area which coincides with the South Coast
Basin and one in the Bay Area which coincides with the San
Francisco Bay Area Basin.


Summary of Federal Air Pollution Legislation

Amendments to the Federal Clean Air Act are being considered by
the Congress.  The House passed HR 17255 in June, the Senate
passed S4358 in September.  There are significant differences
between these two bills.  According to information provided by a
member of the HEW staff, the two bills are in conference
committee.  Because the Congress is scheduled to recess on about
October 15, and won't convene until after the election, there is
little likelihood that the final version will be enacted before
December 1, 1970.