State of California
                             AIR RESOURCES BOARD
                       San Diego State Office Building
                              1350 Front Street
                                 Room B-109
                               San Diego, CA
                              October 17, 1973
                                  9:30 a.m.

73-23-1   Approval of Minutes of September 19, 1973 Meeting.

73-23-2   Report of Manufacturers' Assembly-Line Test Results for
          the 4th Production Quarter.

73-23-3   Summary of Enforcement Workshop.

73-23-4   2nd Quarterly Report on Progress of Vehicle
          Manufacturers in Meeting the 1975 and 1976 Exhaust
          Emission Standards.

73-23-5   Report on Responses to Request for Information

          A.   Effects of Catalytic Systems on Emissions.

          B.   Replacing Lead Additives as Antiknock Compounds.

          C.   Cost of Catalytic Systems to California Motorists
               in 1975.

73-23-6   Other Business.

73-23-7   Remarks from Audience - End of Morning and Afternoon

                        ITEM NO.:  73-23-2

Report of Manufacturers' Assembly-Line Test Results for the
Fourth Production Quarter.


None.  This is an informational item.


The staff has reviewed the reports submitted by vehicle
manufacturers on their fourth quarter's production.  All engine
families had acceptable pass rates on an initial quality audit
test or one retest without repair.  One company, Volvo, had
insufficient sample sizes for two engine families.

Table I compares the quality audit test averages for each engine
family for the second, third, and fourth production quarters. 
Tables II and III compare respectively steady-state and hot 7-mode inspection test control limit values for the four production

                        ITEM NO.:  73-23-3

Summary of Vehicle Emission Control Enforcement Workshop.


None (informational item).


On August 16, 1973 the Air Resources Board conducted a workshop
pertaining to enforcement of regulations concerning emission
control.  The attached report summarizes the staff
recommendations and the board's decisions at that session.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-23-4

Second Quarterly Report on Progress of Vehicle Manufacturers in
Meeting 1975 and 1976 Model Year Exhaust Emission Standards.


None.  This is an informational report.


This second quarterly report is submitted pursuant to the
requirements of Division 26, Chapter 4, Article 4, Sections 39158
and 39159 of the Health and Safety Code (Senate Bill 382). 
Section 39158 requires, beginning April 1, 1973, and quarterly
thereafter, any person manufacturing new motor vehicles for sale
in this State to file with the Air Resources Board a report as to
such person's efforts and progress in meeting specified Federal
standards for emission of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and
oxides of nitrogen.  Section 39158 also requires that a summary
of the vehicle manufacturers' reports be filed with the Governor
and Legislature as soon after each quarter as possible.

The manufacturers who address themselves to the 1975 Federal
standards are indicating changes in design which will not involve
a catalytic reactor for the conventional spark ignition
reciprocating engine.  With more stringent 1975 standards for
California, the manufacturers will continue the catalytic
approach for the conventional engines.

The major vehicle manufacturers confined their second quarterly
reports mainly to requests for suspension of the Federal 1976
emission standards because the technology required to meet the
1976 emission standards (0.4 gm/mi NOx) does not presently exist.

                       ITEM NO.:  73-23-5A

Report of Vehicle Manufacturers' Responses to Request for
Information Concerning Effects of Catalytic Systems on Emissions.


This is an informational report.


On June 25, 1973, the Executive Officer sent a letter to the
vehicle manufacturers requesting information concerning the
effects of 1975 model-year catalytic systems on exhaust and
particulate emissions.  The information is required to evaluate
catalytic systems for the potential discharge of harmful
emissions into the atmosphere.

With the exception of General Motors, few manufacturers supplied
much information on the emissions from catalysts.

Concern has been expressed on the possible conversion of sulfur
in gasoline to SO3 and the subsequent formation of H2SO.  EPA is
conducting studies on this effect as well as the toxicity of the
platinum groups method.

The attached report summarizes the responses received to date by
the Air Resources Board from 11 of the 31 contacted
manufacturers.  The items discussed were:

1.   Composition of catalyst and support.
2.   Quantity of exhaust emissions by category as a function of
     accumulated mileage.
3.   Change in exhaust emissions as a function of amount of fuel
4.   Particulate emissions as a function of mileage accumulation.
5.   Toxicity information on catalysts and supports.

                       ITEM NO.:  73-23-6A

Air Quality Products, "Kar-Kit" Oxides of Nitrogen Control


Confirm the adoption of Resolution 73-16-B.


Resolution 73-16-B (Attached) approving modifications to the
accredited AQP Kar-Kit NOx exhaust emission control device was
approved by mail ballot and requires confirmation.