State of California
                            AIR RESOURCES BOARD
                      San Diego State Office Building
                             1350 Front Street
                                 Room B 109
                               San Diego, CA
                             October 16, 1973
                                 9:30 a.m.

73-22-1   Approval of Minutes.

73-22-2   Consideration of Air Pollution Emergency Contingency

73-22-3   Preliminary Review of Revisions to the Implementation
          Plan for SCAB.

73-22-4   Report on Local District Implementation Programs.

73-22-5   Report on the Subvention Program.

          a.   Guidelines for the Review of Subvention

          b.   Simplified Application Forms for Subvention.

          c.   Status of Yolo-Solano Air Pollution Control
               District's Appeal of Disapproval of its Revised
               1972-73 Subvention Application and its Claim for
               Final Disbursement of 1972-73 Funds.

73-22-6   Status Report on Delegation of Authority by EPA for New
          Source and Hazardous Pollutant Control.

73-22-7   Report on Proposed Regulations for the Control of
          Complex Sources.

73-22-8   Status Report on Pulp Mill Emissions in California.

73-22-9   Other Business.

73-22-10  Remarks from Audience.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-22-2

Consideration of Proposed State Air Pollution Emergency
Contingency Plan.


The Board approve Resolution No. 73-49, thereby adopting the
attached Air Pollution Emergency Contingency Plan.


The revised proposed Air Pollution Emergency Contingency Plan has
been developed pursuant to the Office of Emergency Service's
Administrative Order 72-3, and as required by the federal
regulations for the preparation, Adoption and Submittal of the
implementation Plan for Achieving and Maintaining the National
Ambient Air Quality Standards, Section 51.16, Part 51, CFR.

A public hearing was held on September 18, 1973 for consideration
of the proposed Air Pollution Emergency Contingency Plan. 
Testimony was received and appropriate suggestions have been
incorporated in the revised Plan.  A copy of the revised proposed
Plan is attached in which additions due to these revisions are
shown in italics, items to be deleted are lined out.

A staff report summarizing the revisions made is also attached. 
An outline of responsibility for emergency action is included,
indicating the further actions required for implementation of the
proposed Plan.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-22-3

Preliminary Review of Revision to the Implementation Plan for


Schedule a Public Hearing for December, 1973 to Consider the
Proposed Revision.


The staff has prepared a preliminary draft of a proposed revision
to the State Implementation Plan.  The proposal contains
suggested changes to the State General Plan and an amended
control strategy for the South Coast Air Basin.

A draft of proposed revisions to the basinwide air pollution
control plan, prepared by the South Coast Coordinating Council,
was received October 5, 1973.  Because of lead time necessary for
preparation, reproduction and mailing of agenda material, there
was not time to review suggestions by the council and to
incorporate the suggestions into our preliminary draft.

It is suggested that this proposal be finalized and that it be
the subject of a public hearing in December, 1973.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-22-4

Report on Local District Implementation Programs.


None.  This is an informational report.


The staff report discusses the background and current status of
air pollution control district programs to implement basinwide
air pollution control plans.  The summary was developed from
information provided by the districts in their subvention
applications.  The Board has adopted a policy to regard the
approvable application as the required programs for fiscal year
1972-73, and 1973-74.

                       ITEM NO.:  73-22-5a

Guidelines for the Review of Subvention Applications.


No action required; this item is being presented for the Board's


At the Board's request, copies of the guidelines were mailed to
each district for review.  This staff report summarizes the
comments received and the staff's reaction to these comments.

               Glen County APCD
               Mendocino County APCD
               Riverside County APCD


                        ITEM NO.:  73-22-6

Status Report on Delegation of Authority by EPA for New Source
and Hazardous Pollutant Control.


This is an informational report.


EPA has transmitted to the Board guidelines for the preparation
of adequate procedures for delegation of authority to implement
and enforce the national new source performance standards and the
national emission standards for hazardous air pollutants.  The
staff sent copies of these guidelines to all APCDs and asked if
they want to be delegated enforcement authority by EPA.  The
attached report discusses the background regarding the delegation
of authority, the issues involved, and the responses received
from the districts regarding their interest in enforcing these

ATTACHMENTS:   Letters from ARB to EPA (2)

               Letter from EPA to Governor Reagan, including EPA
               Requirements for Delegation

               ARB Letter to APCDs

                        ITEM NO.:  73-22-7

Proposed Revision to the State Implementation Plan to Provide for
the Review and Regulation of the Construction of Complex Sources
of Air Pollution.


None.  This is an informational report.


As directed by the board on September 18, 1973, the staff has
prepared the attached proposed revision to the State
Implementation Plan which provides for the review and regulation
of the construction of complex sources.  Copies of the proposal
were made available to the public on October 10, 1973, at which
time a public notice was published for a hearing to be held on
the proposal at the Board's regular meeting on November 13, 1973.

ATTACHMENTS:   Proposed Program
               Hearing Notice
               Responses from SCABCC, SJVABCC, and BAAPCD
               Attorney General's Opinion

                        ITEM NO.:  73-22-8

Status Report on Pulp Mill Emissions in California.


Review the draft report, hear comments from local districts and
pulp mills, at the November 13, 1973 meeting in Sacramento.


At the May 2, 1973 Air Resources Board (ARB) meeting in Eureka,
the Board directed the staff to investigate the variance granted
Simpson Lee Paper Company in Shasta County and to prepare a
report on the programs of other pulp mills in the state to reduce
odor emissions, and to include in the report information on
regulations of other states.  This is a summary of the staff's

There are four kraft pulp mills in California:  Fibreboard
Corporation at Antioch, Simpson Lee Paper Company at Anderson,
Crown Simpson Pulp Company and Louisiana-Pacific Corporation both
on the Samoa Peninsula in Humboldt County.

Currently, the Fibreboard Corporation Plant is not in compliance
with the rules and regulations of the Bay Area air Pollution
Control District.  The company has requested variances from the
District hearing board for not being in compliance with opacity,
hydrogen sulfide and odor regulations.  It has not included in
the request for a variance a proposed program to meet districts

For over two years, the Simpson Lee Paper Company has been trying
to reduce odor and particulate matter emissions from its kraft
recovery boiler.  These efforts have not reduced emissions to
acceptable levels.  To meet local regulations, the company has to
choose between reducing production of pulp approximately 20% and
rebuilding or replacing the entire recovery system.  On September
19, 1973 the company announced its proposal to replace the
existing recovery system at a cost of 8.5 million dollars.  Total
time for the proposed project is estimated to be 27 months.  The
final compliance date will extend beyond the EPA cut-off date of
July 31, 1975 for particulate matter emissions.  The new boiler
is expected to meet the 1975 TRS standards without reducing
production below the present level.

The Humboldt County APCD has adopted rules to control pulp odors
and the two mills on the Samoa Peninsula have taken steps to meet
those rules.  Except during upset-breakdown, the mills have
generally been meeting rules.  There were, however, public
complaints about mill odors during the time when an upset-breakdown 
did not occur.

Upon evaluation of the District rule and the rules in effect in
other states, the staff concluded that the Humboldt County APCD
rule should be modified.  A suggested modification is included in
the report.

On October 5, 1973, copies of the draft report were mailed to the
districts in which kraft pulp mills are located and to the kraft
pulp mills in California.  It is recommended that this matter be
held over to November 13, 1973, when the Board meets in
Sacramento.  This would provide an opportunity for the districts,
and the pulp mills to review and to offer comments on the draft

                        ITEM NO.:  73-22-9

Approval of Meeting Dates and Meeting Places for 1974.