Lincoln Plaza
Auditorium, First Floor
400 "P" Street
Sacramento, CA

October 11, 1990
9:30 a.m.


Page No.

90-16-1 Public Hearing to Consider the Adoption of a 001
Statewide Regulation for Reducing Volatile
Organic Compound Emissions From Consumer Products.

90-16-2 Public Meeting to Consider Guidance on Estimating 102
Emissions Reductions Needed for Attainment of
Standards and for Determining Area Classifications
In Response to the California Clean Air Act.

ITEM NO.: 90-16-1

Proposed Comprehensive Statewide Regulation for Consumer


The staff recommends that the Air Resources Board (ARB or Board)
approve the proposed statewide consumer products regulation and
repeal the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD)
consumer products regulation approved by the Board in June 1990.
Staff also recommends that the antiperspirant and deodorant
regulation approved by the Board in November 1989 be amended to
include an innovative products provision and a revised variance
procedure, consistent with the statewide regulation.



A comprehensive regulation in proposed to reduce volatile organic
compound (VOC) emissions from consumer products. Volatile
organic compounds are used as solvents and propellants in
consumer products and are emitted during their use. The
California Clean Air Act (CCAA) of 1988 requires that on or
before January 1. 1992, the ARB adopt regulations to achieve the
maximum feasible reduction of VOC emissions from consumer
products. The CCAA also states that any consumer products
regulation adopted by the Board must be technologically and
commercially feasible, and necessary.

In July 1989, the Board approved the Consumer Products Control
Plan. The control plan establishes a goal of a 50 percent
reduction of volatile organic compound emissions from consumer
products by the year 2000. Also, in November 1989, the Board
approved the antiperspirant and deodorant regulation, and in June
1990, the BAAQMD consumer products regulation was approved.