State Building
Auditorium, Room 1138
107 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA

September 27, 1990
8:30 a.m.


Page No.

90-14-1 Public Hearing to Consider the Adoption of 001
Regulations Regarding Low-Emission Vehicles
and Clean Fuels.

NOTE: If the Board is unable to complete
consideration of this item on September 27, 1990,
it may continue its consideration on September 28,
1990, at 8:30 a.m. at the same location.

ITEM NO.: 90-14-1

Public hearing to Consider Adoption of Regulations Regarding Low-Emission
Vehicles and Clean Fuels.


The staff recommends that the Air Resources Board (ARB) adopt the
proposed regulations for low-emission vehicles and clean fuels
and the associated modified standards and test procedures.


Motor vehicles contribute more than 60 percent of the ozone
precursor emissions generated in the state and a substantial
portion of both known and potential toxic air contaminants. To
reduce vehicular emissions, the proposed regulations would phase
in more stringent exhaust emission standards and would require
the distribution of cleaner-burning fuels needed to meet these
standards. The regulations are intended to prompt the design and
use of the most advanced vehicle and fuel technologies.

The regulations would fulfill the expressed intent of the AB 234
Advisory Board on Air Quality and Fuels and the requirements of
the California Clean Air Act. They would be consistent with the
ARB's long-range motor vehicle plan, the state's toxic air
contaminant identification and control program, the South Coast
Air Quality Management Plan, and AB 4392, which requires the
expeditious control of toxic air contaminants from motor