State of California
                         State Building
                           Room 1194
                     350 McAllister Street
                       San Francisco, CA
                       September 27, 1960
                           10:00 a.m.

1.   Opening Remarks . . . . . . Dr. John t. Middleton, Chairman.

2.   Approval of Minutes of August 12, 1960, Meeting

3.   Report of Chairman

4.   Report of Committees

5.   Other Items

6.   Time and Place of Next Meeting

7.   Reports of Air Pollution and Discussion by Board

     a.   Air Pollution in the Bay Area and Importance of Motor
          Vehicle Emission Control - Mr. Benjamin Linsky, Control
          Officer, Bay Area Air Pollution Control District.
     b.   Factors to be Considered in Testing Devices - Dr. Dale
          H. Hutchison, Assistant Director of Industrial
          Development, Stanford Research Institute.
     c.   Control of Motor Vehicle Exhaust Emission Without the
          Use of Afterburners - Professor A.L. London, Stanford
     d.   Factors in the Operation of Catalytic Afterburners -
          Mr. C.M. Sayre, Research Division, E.I. du Pont De
          Nemours & Co.
     e.   Factors in the Operation of Flame Afterburners - Dr.
          Stuart L. Ridgway, Thompson Ramo Wooldridge, Inc.

8.   Remarks from Audience

9.   Adjournment