State of California
                            AIR RESOURCES BOARD
                           State Office Building
                                Room 1194
                          455 Golden Gate Avenue
                             San Francisco, CA
                            September 21, 1976
                                10:00 a.m.

76-18-1   Progress Report on Lake Tahoe Air Basin Activities
          including ARB Air Monitoring and Vehicle Testing
          efforts, development of a Bi-State Air Pollution
          Control Program, and development of a Lake Tahoe Air
          Basin Implementation Plan.

76-18-2   Report on Long Range Emission Standard Proposals for
          Passenger Cars and Light and Medium Duty Trucks

76-18-3   Other Business -
          (a)  Executive Session - Personnel and Litigation
          (b)  Research Proposals

                        ITEM NO.:  76-18-1

Report of Activities in the Lake Tahoe Air Basin.


This is an informational report requested by the Board.  No
specific action is required.


(1)  The ARB instituted a permanent monitoring network of three
     stations at Lake Tahoe in the summer of 1975, to measure O3,
     CO, NOx total sulfur and visibility.  The local APCDs make
     total suspended particulate measurements.  Results of a
     little one year's measurement show that the CO standard is
     violated near heavy traffic in the winter and that the
     oxidant standard is violated in the summer at the south end
     of the lake.  The 24 hour particulate matter standard is
     also violated.

(2)  The vehicle emissions test program at Lake Tahoe, to
     determine the exhaust emission from representative vehicles
     at 6,000 feet elevation has sampled approximately 2/3 of the
     150 vehicle tests planned.  The preliminary results show an
     increase in both HC and CO emissions and a decrease in NOx
     emission (18, 66, and - 32 percent, respectively), which is
     in general agreement with previous EPA observations.  If the
     full study substantiates the preliminary results, the need
     for a special program for emissions control for vehicles
     used at high altitude may not be required.

(3)  The Lake Tahoe Air Basin Coordinating Council has submitted
     a basin plan to the ARB for approval.  The plan falls short
     of a long term or short term strategy for meeting the air
     quality standards and is deficiency in some of its emissions
     control requirements.  The staff will transmit its comments
     to the Coordinating Council.

(4)  Progress toward a bi-state agency has been slow.  Four
     alternatives present themselves:  a) Form a single purpose
     bi-state air pollution agency; b) develop an air pollution
     program in TRPA; c) agree to coordinate separate programs;
     or d) have EPA designate the Tahoe Basin as an Interstate
     Air Quality Control Region and set up an interstate program
     under the Clean Air Act.  The staff of ARB and the Nevada
     Environmental Quality Commission are attempting to develop
     coordinated programs with the same air quality goals and
     similar emissions control regulations.  The Nevada
     Environmental Quality Commission will meet this month to
     consider changing some of the state's air quality standards
     to conform with California's.