State of California
                             AIR RESOURCES BOARD
                          Junipero Serra State Bldg.
                             107 South Broadway
                                 Room 1137
                              Los Angeles, CA
                            September 19, 1973  

73-21-1   Approval of Minutes of August 15, 1973 Meeting.

73-21-2   Follow-up Report on NOx Control Devices.

          A.   Test Results of Modified NOx Control Devices.
          B.   Contignitron's Plan for Disposition of Unmodified
          C.   Revised Staff Report Concerning Air Quality
               Products' Kar-Kit.

73-21-3   Public Hearing - Oxides of Nitrogen Control Device Test
          Procedures for 1966 through 1970 Model Year Vehicles.

73-21-4   Public Hearing - Oxides of Nitrogen Control
          Installation Schedule for 1966-70 Model Vehicles.

73-21-5   Report on Low Emission Vehicles for the 1974 Model

73-21-6   Report of progress and Problems Concerning Standards
          and Approval of 1975 Heavy-Duty Gasoline & diesel
          Powered Vehicles.

73-21-7   Summary of 1974 New Car Approvals.

73-21-8   Other Business.

73-21-9   Remarks from Audience - End of Morning and Afternoon

                       ITEM NO.:  73-21-2A

Test Results of Modified NOx Control Devices.


None.  This is an informational report.


This is a report of tests conducted by the Air Resources Board
Laboratory on NOx control devices modified to meet the additional
test criterion promulgated by Resolution 73-27-C.  This
resolution stipulates that devices using a significant amount of
spark retard for NOx control shall have positive protection
against sustained spark retard above 60 mph.

The devices submitted by the manufacturers for testing were 66-70
Pure-Power (Air Quality Products, Inc.), CER (Carter Carburetor
Division), Model 44-8 (Contignitron Company) and STP (STP

All of the modified devices met the additional criterion of
protection against high speed spark retard and were effective at
55 mph.

The modified device manufactured by Contignitron Company produced
NOx reductions of 40.7%.  This is less than the NOx reduction
standard of 42%.  However, it is the opinion of the staff that
the NOx standard would have been met if a larger fleet of
vehicles had been tested.

                       ITEM NO.:  73-21-2B

Contignitron Company's Proposed Modification Program for Its NOx
Control Device.


Approve the proposed Contignitron program.


At its August 15, 1973 meeting, the Board deferred action on
Contignitron Company's proposed modification of its NOx device
promulgated by Resolution 73-27-C.

Action was deferred because of the lack of information concerning
Contignitron's plan to dispose of unmodified devices in its
distribution system.  A copy of Contignitron Company's device
modifications previously submitted at the August 15, 1973 board
meeting and its hardware disposition plan are attached to this

                       ITEM NO.:  73-21-2C

Air Quality Products, Inc., Approved Modifications to the
Accredited Kar-Kit Oxides of Nitrogen Control Device to Minimize
Adverse Spark Retard Effects.


Approve Air Quality Products' Modified Kar-Kit NOx Device.


This report revises the staff report presented at the July 18,
1973 Board meeting covering the evaluation of modifications
proposed by Air Quality Products, Inc., to the accredited Kar-Kit
oxides of nitrogen control device to provide positive protection
against sustained spark retard above 60 mph, while still being
effective at 55 mph.  The modifications consists of displaying a
decal on the speedometer warning the user against sustained high
speed, other informational decals, and revisions to the owner's

The approved modified Kar-Kit device utilizes VSAD and basic
timing retard for the control of oxides of nitrogen.  Air Quality
Products has requested that the exclusion of certain Chevrolet
engines from usage with the approved device no longer apply and
that these engines be deleted from the list of exempted vehicles.

Air Quality Products has been notified of the Board's intention
that the modifications be applied to the Kar-Kit NOx control
devices currently in its distribution system.  Air Quality
Products was requested to submit a plan to the staff for the
disposition of this hardware by September 14, 1973.

The Board has determined that a speed warning satisfies the
intent of Resolution 73-27-C.  The staff recommends approval of
Air Quality Products proposed modifications.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-21-3

Public Hearing - Oxides of Nitrogen Control Device Test
Procedures for 1966 through 1970 Model Year Vehicles.


Adopt motion confirming previous Board action.


At the July 17, 1973 meeting, the Board adopted, on an emergency
basis, Resolution 73-39, amending Section 2005, Title 13,
Administrative Code and revising the Oxides of Nitrogen Control
Device Test procedures.  The resolution was adopted without a
public hearing.  Section 11422.1 of the Government Code allows
the emergency finding to remain in effect for only 120 days.

A copy of the Public Hearing Notice, Resolution 73-39, and the
amended NOx control device test procedures are attached to this

                        ITEM NO.:  73-21-4

Public Hearing - Oxides of nitrogen (NOx) device installation
schedule for 1966-70 model-year vehicles.


Commence change of ownership schedule in the San Diego, South
Coast and Bay Area Air Basins on October 1, 1973 by confirming
the emergency regulation filed in June.


At the June 7, 1973 Board meeting, the Board took emergency
action delaying the installation of oxides of nitrogen (NOx)
devices.  The Executive Officer filed emergency regulations to
carry out the change.  The regulations indicated that the program
would start in the three air basins on October 1, 1973 on change
of ownership and that the Board would announce at a later time
the commencement of the license plate program.  A copy of the
emergency regulation is attached.  This agenda item is to confirm
the emergency action taken or modify it as necessary.  A public
notice was duly given (attached).

                        ITEM NO.:  73-21-5

Proposed Low Emission Standards for 1974 Model-Year Vehicles.


Adopt Resolution 73-47.


The staff has developed low emission standards as required by
Section 39009.3 of the Health and Safety Code.  A staff report
has been prepared presenting the method of derivation of the low
emission standards and the values recommended for the low
emission standards.  The staff report identifies all domestic
1974 model vehicles approved at time of writing which meet these
recommended low emission standards.

                         ITEM NO. 73-21-6

Progress and Problems Concerning Standards and Approval of 1975
Heavy-Duty Engines and Vehicles.


Board hearing to determine if standards should be re-considered.


A review of the establishment of the 1975 exhaust emission
standards for engines in heavy-duty vehicles is presented. 
Progress towards achieving these standards, and problems both
present and future, are summarized.  The majority of engine and
vehicle manufacturers are urging that the Board drop, defer or
substitute less stringent standards for the 1975 model year.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-21-7

Summary of 1974 New Car Approvals.




This is an informational report concerning new car approvals. 
These approvals were granted by the Executive Officer for the
1974 model year vehicles as of August 31, 1973.

Resolution 72-104 defined those official actions which could be
taken by the Executive Officer without formal Board action.  This
report is in accordance with the Board's request that it be
informed of all approvals granted.