State of California
                             AIR RESOURCES BOARD
                        Junipero Serra State Building
                             107 South Broadway
                                 Room 1137
                              Los Angeles, CA
                             September 18, 1973
                                 9:30 a.m.

73-20-1   Approval of Minutes of August 14, 1973 Meeting.

73-20-2   Public Hearing - Air Pollution Emergency Contingency

73-20-3   Public Hearing - Revised Regulations for Air Pollution

73-20-4   Requests for the Extension of Open Burning at Disposal

          a.   Mojave and Rosamond Sites in Kern County.
          b.   Kings County.

73-20-5   Report on Emissions from Kaiser Steel Plant, San
          Bernardino County.

73-20-6   Discussion of Complex Sources Regulations.

73-20-7   Status of EPA Enforcement Activities.

73-20-8   Other Business.

73-20-9   Remarks from Audience - End of Morning and Afternoon

                        ITEM NO.:  73-20-2

Public Hearing to Consider the Adoption of a State Air Pollution
Emergency Contingency Plan.


The Board approve Resolution No. 73-49, thereby adopting the
attached Air Pollution Emergency Contingency Plan.


The revised proposed Air Pollution Emergency Contingency Plan has
been developed pursuant to the Office of Emergency Service's
Administrative Order 72-3, and as required by the federal
regulations for the Preparation, Adoption and Submittal of the
Implementation Plan for Achieving and Maintaining the National
Ambient Air Quality Standards, Section 51.16, Part 51, CFR.

A public hearing is being held, for consideration of the proposed
Air Pollution Emergency Contingency Plan; notice of public
hearing was published on August 16, 1973.

Attached is a copy of the proposed plan and a staff report which
summarizes the salient features of the proposed plan.

Also attached are copies of letters received prior to September
12, 1973 from local districts and State Health Department
commenting on the proposed plan.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-20-3

Public Hearing - Proposed Amendments to Regulations in the
California Administrative Code on Air Pollution Records.


Approve Resolution 73-50, thereby amending the Air Pollution
Records regulations as proposed in the attached.


These proposed amendments, if adopted, would bring the
Administrative Code into conformity with Section 6254.7 of the
Government Code, as amended on July 9, 1973.  This legislation
excludes air pollution emission data from the provisions of state
law that except trade secrets from public records, but provides
that other information used to calculate emission data are not so

                        ITEM NO.:  73-20-4

Requests for the Extension of Open Burning at Disposal Sites.


Deny Kern County's appeal.  Grant Kings County additional time
extensions for the Lemoore, Stratford, and Corcoran dump sites
(Resolution 73-48).


1.   MR. L. Dale Mills, Director of Public Works and County
     Surveyor requested time at the September Board meeting to
     appeal the Board's denial of Kern County's request for
     additional time extension at two dump sites.  The County has
     not presented any new information which might affect the
     staff's earlier recommendation.

2.   Kings County Board of Supervisors request an additional
     three month for the Stratford, Lemoore and Corcoran dump
     sites.  The Staff investigated and determined that the
     County will require additional time to phase out burning of
     these sites.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-20-5

A final report on an Emission Inventory at Kaiser Steel.


This report is in response to the Board's instructions given at
the Board meeting on April 4, 1973 in Riverside.


As instructed by the Board, the staff, in coorperation with San
Bernardino County air Pollution Control District and Kaiser
Steel, developed two reports (an interim report and a final
report) on emissions from Kaiser Steel.  The reports include a
comparison of the Kaiser Steel emissions with the total emission
inventory for San Bernardino County.  An interim report was
presented to the Board at its meeting on June 21, 1973.  The
final report is being presented to the Board today.  This final
report contains more information based on actual source tests and
less based on published emission factors and engineering
estimates than the interim report.  In comparison with the
interim report, this final report shows reductions in emissions
of particulate matter, sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen and
an increase in emissions of carbon monoxide.  A copy of this
report is attached.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-20-6

Discussion of Complex Source Regulations.


Board direct the staff to prepare by mid-October 1973, a Proposed
Revision to the State Implementation Plan to Provide for the
Review of Complex Sources.


EPA regulations require the states to submit implementation plan
revisions to provide for reviewing and for preventing the
construction of complex sources that would prevent the attainment
or maintenance of any national ambient air quality standards. 
This staff report summarizes EPA's requirements and related ARB
actions to date, and recommends action the Board may take in
response to the EPA regulations.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-20-7

Status of EPA Enforcement Activities.


This is an informational report.


The EPA has taken direct enforcement action in California.  Nine
notices of violation have been issued and EPA has written
numerous letters to emission sources requesting production and
emission information.

The EPA enforcement activities are in three categories:

Category 1:    The area where the State is given the primary
               responsibility for enforcement, i.e., existing
               regulations and emission limitations for
               stationary sources as contained in the State
               Implementation Plan, including Compliance

Category 2:    The area where EPA has promulgated regulations in
               lieu of state action, i.e., Compliance Schedules -
               Future Rules and Permit System Administration;

Category 3:    The area where EPA has primary responsibility but
               has indicated a willingness to delegate
               enforcement to the State, i.e., New Source
               Performance Standards and National Emission
               Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-20-8

Asbestos Standards and Control Regulations.


A committee of the Board review the alternatives available for
controlling asbestos.


On May 2, 1973 the Board directed the staff to review jointly,
with the State Health Department, the situation regarding
asbestos standards and controls and to advise the Board on a
course of action.

Since May 2, the staff has met with representatives of the
Department of Health to examine the available information and to
consider the feasibility of setting an asbestos air quality
standard.  The Department has concluded that it may be feasible
to adopt an "interim semi-quantitative standard."  However, there
are a number of issues which are difficult to resolve.  These
issues include:

a.   None of the existing methods for measuring asbestos levels
     in ambient air are adequate for use as a reference method. 
     (The status of analytical methods is described in the
     attached August 15 memorandum from the Department.)

b.   There is a lack of data on the relationship between asbestos
     levels in the ambient air and health effects.  (Health
     damage from occupational exposure is described in the
     attached June 25 letter from the Department.)

c.   The choice of ways to proceed is complicated by the
     existence of EPA regulations for the control of asbestos
     from some sources.

In view of these issues the staff recommends that a committee of
the Board be formed to examine the alternatives for asbestos