State of California
                      AIR RESOURCES BOARD
                  Auditorium, Resources Agency
                       1416 Ninth Street
                         Sacramento, CA
                       September 16, 1970
                           9:30 a.m.

1.   Opening Remarks . . . . . .A.J. Haagen-Smit, Ph.D., Chairman

2.   Minutes of the July 15, 1970 Meeting.

3.   Report of Technical Advisory Committee.

4.   Report on Air Pollution in South Coast Air Basin.

5.   Public Hearing - Assembly-Line Test Procedures.

6.   Public Hearing - Air Quality Standards for Particulate

7.   Approval of Control Systems.

     a.   New Vehicles
     b.   Other

8.   Accreditation - Used Car Control Systems.

     a.   Air Pollution Controlled, Inc.
     b.   Ford Motor Company

9.   Other Business.

     a.   Low Emission Standards for Motor Vehicles.
     b.   Report on Local Air Pollution Problems.
     c.   Identification of Replacement Parts for Emission
          Control Systems.

10.  Committee Reports.

     a.   Research and Development Review Committee.
     b.   Legislation, Laws, and Regulations Committee.

11.  Remarks from the Audience.


Albano Enterprises, Inc. "Air-Jet" Crankcase Emission Control


This report presents the evaluation of the Albano Enterprises,
Inc. "Air-Jet" closed crankcase emission control system by the
staff of the air Resources board.  the bases of evaluation are
the requirements set forth in Title 13 of the California
Administrative Code, Chapter 3, Subchapter 1, Sections 2000 to
2004.  Since approval is sought for used car installations, the
report deals with both the California Crankcase Emission
Standards and compliance with the Board criteria.


American Pollution Controlled, Inc. Application for Accreditation
of an Exhaust Emission Control System for Used Vehicles.


This report presents the staff evaluation of the American
Pollution Controlled, Inc., exhaust emission control system for
used vehicles.  The bases of evaluation are requirements set
forth in the California Health and Safety Code, Sections 39107
and 39175 to 39184, and Title 13 of the California Administrative
Code, Chapter 3, Subchapter 2, Articles 2 and 3.