State of California
                      AIR RESOURCES BOARD
                 Junipero Serra State Building
                       107 South Broadway
                        Los Angeles, CA
                       September 12, 1972
                           9:00 a.m.
            Southern California Gas Company Building
                    810 South Flower Street
                        Los Angeles, CA
                       September 13, 1972
                           9:30 a.m.
                       September 12, 1972

1.   Minutes of August 23, 1972 Meeting.

2.   Public Hearing to Consider the Adoption of an Air Pollution
     Emergency Contingency Plan to be Applicable in the South
     Coast, San Francisco Bay Area, and San Diego Air Basins, and
     in Portions of the North Central Coast, North Coast,
     Sacramento Valley and San Joaquin Air Basins.

                        September 13, 1972

3.   Discussion of South Coast Air Basin Coordinating Council's
     Proposal for Regulations to Prevent Construction of New
     Sources, Based on Ambient Air Quality Considerations.

*4.  1966-70 Motor Vehicles - Discussion of Board Action
     Necessary to Establish Schedule for Installation of NOx
     Control Devices.

*5.  Discussion of Control Measures for Reducing Photochemical
     Air Pollution in the South Coast Air Basin, Including the
     Proposal by the City of Riverside to Convert Vehicles to
     Gaseous Fuels.

*6.  Report on Local Air Pollution Control Districts' Variances
     Extended for More Than One Year.

*7.  Other Business.

*8.  Remarks from the Audience.

*To be taken up on September 12 or 13, as time permits.


State's Air Pollution Emergency Contingency Plan.


The Air Resources Board adopt the plan as amended.


The proposed Air Pollution Emergency Contingency Plan has been
developed pursuant to the Office of Emergency Services (OES)
Administrative Order 72-3, and as required by the Federal
regulations for the Preparation, Adoption and Submittal of the
Implementation Plan for Achieving and Maintaining the National
Ambient Air Quality Standards.  The public hearing is being held
in accordance with the requirements of Federal and State laws. 
After adopted, it will be submitted to EPA as an addition to the
State Implementation Plan.


Permit System that takes into consideration the air quality


For discussion only.


Control measures for reducing photochemical air pollution in the
South Coast Air Basin, including the proposal by the City of
Riverside to convert vehicles to gaseous fuels.


For discussion only.


Status of variances granted or extended for a period exceeding
one year.


What action should the Air Resources Board take with regards to
variances granted or extended for a period exceeding one year.


There are five variances needing further actions by the Board. 
The hearing board in each case should be requested to provide
justification for these variances.


Assembly Transportation Committee Hearings - September and
October, 1972.

The Assembly Transportation Committee has scheduled a series of
hearings on highway transportation in September and October in
San Francisco, Newport Beach, and San Diego.  As matters relating
to highway transportation are of interest to the Board, members
may wish to attend some of the hearings.  A schedule is attached.