State of California
                      AIR RESOURCES BOARD
  Public Hearing on the Feasibility of Converting All Gasoline
   Powered Motor Vehicles in the South Coast Air Basin to Use
                         Gaseous Fuels
                       August 17-18, 1972
                Starting at 9:30 a.m., August 17
               Room 1138, Junipero Serra Building
                       107 South Broadway
                        Los Angeles, CA

I.        Opening Statement                  A.J. Haagen-Smit
                                             Air Resources Board

II.       The Riverside Proposal             Ben Lewis, Mayor
                                             City of Riverside

III.      The Proposal of Environmental Quality 
          Laboratory, Cal Tech                    Lester Lees

IV.       Comments from LAAPCD                    Robert Chass

V.        Converting or Manufacturing Gasoline Vehicles to Use
          Gaseous  Fuel.

          1.  Conversion System Manufacturers

               a.   Golden Hullinger - Marvel-Schebler/Tillotson, 
                    Division of Borg Warner Corp.

               b.   Robert Reifschneider - Manchester Tank &
                    Equipment Company.

               c.   Richard Reed - Vice President in charge of 
                    Marketing, Brencaar Enterprises.

          2.   Automobile Manufacturers

               a.   George Lacy - Chrysler Corporation

               b.   Dr. Wayne Brehave - Ford Motor Company

          3.   Fleet Operators

               a.   John Davidson - Vice President, Yellow Cab
                    Company of California

               b.   Elton Grammes - President of Calif. Taxicab
                    Owners Association

               c.   Ronald B. Davis - President West Coast
                    Transportation Company

               d.   Tony Barrial - Director of Maintenance, West
                    coast Transportation Company

VI.       Fuels - Supply, Distribution and Marketing

          1.   Bureau of Mines

          2.   Stanford Research Institute - Stanford Field and
               John Patrick Henry

          3.   Suppliers of Gaseous Fuels

               a.   C.E. Smith - President, Trans-World Gas
                    Systems, Inc.

               b.   Carson L. Angle - Vangas, Inc.

               c.   G.S. Cuming - Vice President and General
                    Council, El Paso Natural Gas Company

               d.   John G. Keller - Western Oil & Gas

               e.   John Hopkins - Vice President in charge of
                    Marketing, Union Oil Company

               f.   Reine J. Corbeil - Southern California Gas,
                    Pacific Lighting Service Co., Dual Fuel
                    Systems Inc.

VII.      Fuel Requirements of Utilities          Representatives
                                                  of Public

               a.   H. Seaman and D.J. Fogarty - Vice Presidents,
                    Southern California Edison Company

               b.   Mr. Sonderbig and Mr. Yamamoto - Los Angeles
                    Dept. of Water and Power

VIII.     General Interest

          1.   Automobile Clubs - Louis J. Bintz - Manager of
               automotive Engineering Dept., Automobile Club of
               Southern California

          2.   Department of Public Works - Mr. George Hill -
               Assistant State Highway Engineer

          3.   Chambers of Commerce

          4.   University of California at Riverside - Dr.

          5.   Governmental Agencies

               a.   Mr. George Milias, Deputy Regional
                    Administrative, EPA, Region IX

               b.   Others

IX.  Remarks from the Audience.