State of California
                         State Building
                            Room 115
                      217 W. First Street
                        Los Angeles, CA
                        August 11, 1961
                           10:00 a.m.

1.   Opening Remarks . . . . . . Dr. John T. Middleton, Chairman.

2.   Reports to the Board

     a.   A Study of Crankcase Ventilation System Control Device
          Installations on the Los Angeles County Fleet - S.
          Smith Griswold, Control Officer, Los Angeles County Air
          Pollution Control District.
     b.   Health Effects of Motor Vehicle Exhaust - John
          Goldsmith, M.D., Bureau of Chronic Diseases, State
          Department of Public Health.

3.   Public hearing on New Article 2 of Chapter 3 in Title 13 of
     the California Administrative Code on Certification of
     Exhaust Emission Control Devices.

4.   Business Meeting

     a.   Approval of minutes of July 14, 1961 meeting.
     b.   Committee Reports.
     c.   Report on Applications and Status of Testing.
     d.   Report on Progress of Test Procedures for Exhaust
          Control Devices - G.C. Hass, Supervising Engineer,
          Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Board.
     e.   Consideration of Certification of Crankcase Emission
          Control Devices.
     f.   Staff Report.
     g.   Other Business.

5.   Remarks from Audience

6.   Adjournment